There is no such child who would not be interested in dinosaurs. And since it is no longer possible to look at them live, children are fond of studying excavations and the skeletons of these giants. You can look at the remains of dinosaurs in the museum, but you can dig out a copy of animals that previously lived on Earth on your own. The main thing is to know the places where dinosaurs hide.

What’s the toy?

Unusual toy «Dino Egg» from the brand «Creatify» — dinosaurs that need to be carefully excavated from plaster eggs — something that the future paleontologist will definitely like. This elegant display box contains 12 gypsum eggs, each containing a unique toy dinosaur. In addition, the set includes 12 brushes and the same number of chisels, as well as 12 color educational cards: with information about the different dinosaurs that the child will find in the egg.

For what age?

The toy is intended for children over 5 years old. However, if your child is not yet 5 years old, and he is already very interested in excavations, then you can look for dinosaurs with him. Most importantly, do not leave him alone during this lesson.

Why is dinosaur excavation cool?

With the Creatify Dinosaur Excavation Kit, kids are on the path to being a true explorer-scientist and getting answers in practice. Thanks to the Dino Egg set, the child develops imagination, concentration, the ability to think independently, and solve problems. The toy fosters a love of science and paleontology through a fun and exciting journey into the world of dinosaurs.

What do we have to do?

With the help of special tools that are included in the kit, the child needs to unearth the dinosaurs. After excavation, it is important to thoroughly clean the dinosaur. And then you need to try to identify the rescued dinosaur with the help of cognitive cards containing information on each dinosaur from the set.

How to play?

Of course, dig and look for dinosaurs. But after you find all the hidden animals, the set will be transformed from educational to playful, and children will be able to come up with their own games with the figures found.

Children can make up a whole story where dinosaurs will be the main characters, and you, in turn, can figure out how to entertain little paleontologists. For example, hide dinosaur eggs somewhere in the garden, sandbox or at home so that the child first finds the treasure, and then proceeds to excavate.

If you like to reward your child with toys for good behavior or good grades in school, then the Dino Egg set is a great choice. Each time, give the child one egg with a dinosaur: in this way, the child will wait for new toys from his parents in order to rescue the next dinosaur as quickly as possible.

And if you decide to arrange a children’s birthday, then the set with dinosaurs is perfect for the competition. Divide into teams and rescue the dinosaurs at speed.

Have a good dig!

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