Everyone knows that a humidifier makes the atmosphere in the house comfortable and healthy. And if earlier it was customary to turn on the humidifier in the apartment, now it can be found in the office, in the beauty salon, in the yoga room, and small mini humidifiers or portable models now work and humidify the air in the car!

For a person’s well-being, a humidifier can be used almost anywhere. And what about the children’s room in our house, because it is there that we strive to ensure comfort and safety for a child of any age. Using a humidifier in a child’s room, is it good or bad, let’s figure it out, do you need a humidifier in the children’s room and from what age can you turn it on?

Infants, kindergarteners, and even adolescents have thermoregulation mechanisms that are different from adults. Normal air humidity in a children’s room is from 50 to 70% and the optimum air temperature is +18 +21 ° C, and dry air or air with low humidity causes discomfort to the child and even dangerous, especially for babies, because they receive the bulk of oxygen up to a year through the skin. It has been noticed that in a room with dry air in infants, milk is absorbed worse, dysbacteriosis appears and tics may occur. Babies of this age have delicate skin and mucous membranes, which are highly moist and sensitive. The loss of moisture, first of all, affects the protective abilities of the respiratory tract, which can lead to a general deterioration in the condition of the baby, as well as to various bronchial and pulmonary diseases and will negatively affect the development of the baby. A humidifier in the children’s room will help get rid of dryness and create the right and healthy microclimate for the baby.

If in the room of older children: kindergarten age, schoolchildren or teenagers, the air humidity is lowered, in other words, the drier the air in the room, the more fluid the child’s body spends on moisturizing the body and maintaining the desired parameters, due to additional water loss, the mucous membrane dries, problems begin with the skin, and immunity falls, so the child’s body can no longer fully protect itself from the effects of pathogenic microorganisms. Dry air in the room can lead to sleep problems and kidney disease.

Immunostimulants, vitamins and flu shots will not help a child if he sits every day in a room with dry air. The child will still get sick, because due to the lack of water in the body, its resistance to bacteria decreases. If at the same time he does not receive plentiful drink, the diseases will be of a protracted nature and will soon develop into chronic ones. Many are familiar with situations when kids in kindergarten get sick regularly, especially during seasonal illnesses.

From this it follows that the air humidifier in the children’s room is not just a fashionable device, but a device that is useful for health and comfort.

How to choose the right humidifier?

First of all, it should be silent so as not to interfere with the sensitive sleep of the baby. It is best if the humidifier has a compact shape and additional lighting, so it can serve as a night light. Safe automatic shutdown of the humidifier and low power consumption will allow you to be calm for an electrical appliance in the children’s room.

All these parameters are met by an inexpensive, quiet and compact portable USB ultrasonic humidifier, compared to traditional evaporators and noisy steam humidifiers.

It is important to pay special attention to the water that you pour into the humidifier in the children’s room. Remember that it must be pure, filtered or distilled. Plain tap water is not recommended. Well, do not forget about the timely care of the humidifier. It must be cleaned and rinsed regularly. Then the humidifier in the children’s room will only benefit!

In the conditions of the metropolis, our climate and seasonal diseases, a humidifier in a child’s room is simply necessary. As soon as the humidifier appears in the nursery, you will literally immediately notice how your child will feel better. Buying a humidifier, you get not just an electrical appliance, but a real friend, helper and protector of the health of you, your family and your child!

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