All about jewelry made of natural stones. How and why to clean stones?


Natural stones are not just a beautiful trinket. Each stone has its own character, strength and energy.

All minerals, crystals and rocks have healing and magical properties. They affect the «human» system: they heal, harmonize, align, protect, protect … In the process of this work, the stone takes on the owner’s negative energy or that comes from outside and eventually becomes energetically «dirty». The stone itself is hard, and it can be unpleasant for a person to wear it. Sometimes the stones take on so much negativity that they can break, the decoration is torn from scratch or is lost without a trace.

Therefore, the stones must be periodically cleaned and charged. You can feel when it’s time to clean the stone or do it periodically if you wear them all the time.

Today I want to tell you about cleaning stones. There are many different ways: clean with water, crystals, smoke, herbs, and so on. Everyone chooses what he likes. I like to clean stones with dry salt. Salt is an excellent cleanser of negativity.

How to clean stones with salt? To give your pebbles a good clean, place them in a container of salt so that it covers them. It is better to express the intention aloud or to yourself: “I am clearing the stones of negativity, of negative, heavy, dirty energies” (think up something of your own). Leave them overnight or overnight.

But be careful, some «soft» minerals, such as fluorite, sodalite, malachite, can be scratched by salt. In this case, you can put a handkerchief or paper on the salt and put your pebbles on top. This way works too!

After cleaning, the pebbles can be charged, but more on that another time.

Take care of your pebbles and let them delight you.

Anna, founder of the Song Of Nature brand.


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