Books about the friendship of Chick and Brika were invented and drawn by Axel Scheffler, a wonderful artist from London, the “father” of the legendary Gruffalo. Funny and touching stories about the adventures of the bunny Chick and the mouse Brika are loved by both children and parents around the world — they are so great to read and look at.

These books help kids develop speech, imagination, learn to negotiate, make friends, enjoy life and never lose heart. Everything that happens to a bunny and a mouse reminds children of their own everyday life: kids quarrel and make up, love to walk and play, and always come up with something new.

Finally, favorite stories come out in a convenient format of cardboard books — the pages are made of such dense material that children’s hands can test their strength for a very long time. This format will endure the most ardent love of little readers!

«Chick and Bricky. Favorite Frog» (0+)

Chick and Briky

One day, Chick invited Bricky to his place for a sleepover. Briki was very happy, she got ready for a long time, then rode the bus and finally arrived at her friend’s place. The kids had a great day: they played a lot, then they ate delicious spaghetti for dinner, brushed their teeth and read a funny fairy tale about a kitten. And then it was time for bed. Friends had already turned off the nightlights … when suddenly Briki realized that she had left her favorite Frog toy at home. What to do? After all, without the Frog, Briki will never be able to sleep! The little girl was very upset. Of course, Chick, as a true friend, had to come up with something … And he did! How was Chick able to calm Bricky?

Chick and Briky

This touching story is perfect for reading to your little one before bed.

«Chick and Bricky. Wonderful ball «(0+)

Chick and Briky

What doesn’t happen to Chick and Bricky! Once Chick was presented with a magnificent balloon. But here’s the problem — Chick accidentally released it, it flew high into the sky … and burst. Chick was seriously upset and began to cry bitterly. But how lucky he is to have Bricks! Of course, she found a way to calm her friend.

Chick and Briky

This book develops imagination and emotional intelligence, and it will also teach kids how important it is to be able to make friends, and that communication is the main value in our lives.

«Chick and Bricky. Puddle» (0+)

Chick and Briky

Once Chick and Bricky played railroad, and then cubes, and then, after resting and having a snack, they began to play as if they were in Africa! The kids pretended to be wild lions and monkeys, it was so cool!

Chick and Briky

But Chick was so carried away by the game that he did not have time to run to the pot in time. And at the sight of a puddle on the floor, he felt very ashamed and embarrassed, the bunny was embarrassed and upset. But Briki was not at a loss and found the right words to comfort a friend in an unpleasant situation.

A sweet and funny story will teach the little reader not to be upset over trifles and always be able to support a friend.

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