Which mattress to choose for a child?

Sleep is a wonderful time for every child, a little life adventure. Good rest will ensure the proper formation of the body and psyche. Sleep helps relieve physical fatigue, it gives rest to the brain and removes stress. Sleep strengthens the nervous system, helps to assimilate the information received during the day. And even the mood of the child depends on how he slept.

Until the late teens, a child needs significantly more sleep than an adult. You need an appropriate sleeping place: not just comfortable, but helping to grow and develop. A quality mattress will be your investment in your baby’s health.

How to choose a suitable mattress from all the variety, let’s figure it out together? Choosing a mattress model should be based on the age and physiological characteristics of the child. Since both the growth rate of the body and the structure of sleep change as they grow older, the sleeping place should be appropriate for the needs of the growing person. Therefore, first of all, check out the mattress firmness requirements for each age group.

For newborns and children up to 3 years You need a firm, resilient mattress. The skeleton of a newborn is 50% cartilage, which gradually transforms into bone tissue as they grow older. In this regard, the baby’s spine is extremely soft and flexible, and in order to form the correct shape, it needs special support.

The ideal choice of children’s mattress for newborns and babies Dreamers Story. Hypoallergenic mattress based on Bio Bubble foam. The filler — high-density Bio Bubble foam — perfectly retains its shape, supporting the baby’s body in a comfortable position. Environmentally friendly, glue-free filler does not cause allergies in babies, perfectly absorbs moisture and odors, and prevents the growth of bacteria.

From 3 to 7 years old the skeletal muscles of the child are actively developing, and the flexible cartilage tissue turns into a stronger bone. Sleeping on a hard surface becomes uncomfortable for the baby, while the spine still needs good support. That is why for a child of this age it is worth choosing an elastic mattress of moderate hardness, which will accurately repeat the natural curves of the body, and will also be able to provide muscle relaxation and normal blood circulation.

At school age (7-12 years old) the criteria for choosing a bed are changing: now its parameters depend on the weight, physique and lifestyle of the owner. How to choose a mattress according to these criteria, I will tell in the following posts.

When deciding which mattress to buy for a child, you literally influence his future fate! Especially for small babies, it should not only be comfortable to lie on the mattress for a long time, it must necessarily support the spine reliably and at the same time ensure muscle relaxation. Indeed, the formation of all body systems as a whole directly depends on the health of the spine and the absence of overvoltage.

Good sleep to you and your baby!

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