Which kitchen tongs are right for you?

Everyone has long known such a kitchen accessory as kitchen tongs, it would seem, nothing complicated, easy to use, light mechanisms, but even here everything is not so simple. There are many variations of kitchen tongs that can be used for a variety of purposes. Which kitchen tongs are right for you?

  • For desserts

These are small, sophisticated kitchen tongs made of metal, needed to decorate and serve a wide variety of desserts. These tongs have only one minus, they are only suitable for desserts and are unlikely to help you in cooking, for example, meat.

  • For spaghetti

The shape is the main difference between these tongs, their spatulas are made in the form of a comb, for convenient fixation of spaghetti. Such tongs may also be suitable for turning food in a pan, but initially their shape is sharpened specifically for pasta and spaghetti.

  • For boiling eggs

This is one of the most specific forceps, they are suitable only for one purpose. However, if you are a big fan of boiled eggs, then they will greatly simplify your life.

  • Tweezers for extracting bones from fish

These tongs also have a very limited list of functions, they were originally made to extract bones from fish and are unlikely to be suitable for other purposes, their shape resembles ordinary tweezers and they do their job perfectly well.

  • Universal

These tongs, due to their shape, have a wider range of uses. Due to heat resistance up to 220C, they can be used for cooking in a frying pan, grill, barbecue, oven or, for example, deep-frying. Also, tongs are ideal for serving various dishes, and silicone will not damage your dish, but will firmly fix it in the spatulas.

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