Do you want your child to fall in love with music, become interested in classical compositions and want to learn more about world music?

Then we advise you to pay special attention to the choice of gadgets for listening — headphones and speakers. The JBL children’s line is just right for little art lovers.

Music is everywhere with me

A child’s first music speaker should be practical. After all, children usually, after they receive a long-awaited gift, begin to carry it everywhere — on the street, to kindergarten, to school, and even take it on vacation. The JBL JRPOP’s rugged design is free of small parts, IPX7 water and dust resistant, and can withstand any outdoor stroll, sandbox play or even bath time. And so that children do not lose their favorite speaker, it is equipped with a convenient fabric strap. It is designed specifically for children’s hands.

Another important detail is that the speaker is made in bright color variations and shimmers with different colors of the built-in LEDs during playback.

Column JBL


Safety first

When the baby has the first headphones, he strives to turn up the music louder. But it’s not always safe! JBL on-ear headphones make listening to music enjoyable without damaging your ear canal. And all because they use JBL Safe Sound technology, which limits the sound pressure level to a safe value of 85 dB.

Special design for every child

If you want to please your baby with an unusual speaker or headphones, then you should pay attention to models with an individual design. Like, for example, in the JBL children’s line. The speaker and headphones come with a set of stickers, with which the child can express their creativity and give a special design.

Headphones JBL

Any gadget that you are going to give a child should be safe and convenient. Therefore, carefully read the instructions and specifications before buying and pay attention to whether these products are intended for use by children or not. Enjoy the shopping!

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