What Christmas tree to choose for a child?


Looking for an unusual and useful gift for your little one for the New Year?

Soft, bright, safe and educational! This is how you can celebrate the New Year with a Christmas tree made of felt!

New Year is a special holiday that many people want to celebrate without breaking the tradition. At the New Year’s table, with a living prickly beauty in the corner of the room, studded from top to bottom with shiny bright balls.

And on New Year’s days, we least of all think about the safety of traditional Christmas tree decorations. Meanwhile, glass balls attract the increased attention of young children. Once — and sharp small fragments are already on the floor, right under the feet of your baby …

Of course, glass Christmas balls in many families have already been replaced with safe plastic New Year’s toys. But… What to do with the cat? Enthusiastically, with stubborn curiosity, cats from year to year explore the forest beauty and everything that she is decorated with. As a result of such research activities, not only can Christmas tree decorations be missing, the whole Christmas tree can suffer!

A felt Christmas tree will save you from all sorts of fears about children and cats. No one will break anything, no one will be hurt by anything. Felt beauty — soft! Toys are attached to the Christmas tree with Velcro. Lots of toys. And it’s not just Christmas balls!

Felt Christmas tree toys

These are both animals and fairy-tale characters! They are easy to take off and put back on the tree. Even a small child can handle it! You can not only decorate the Christmas tree with toys, you can play with them! Can you imagine how great it is to play New Year’s toys with the child at the Christmas tree? After all, everything is possible in the New Year! Truth?

A felt Christmas tree will not only entertain and delight your baby, but will also help you acquire useful skills. After all, it is necessary to develop brushes, fingers and palms from infancy to school. Your baby will sort through the toys, attach them to the Christmas tree and unfasten them. This is a simple, enjoyable and effective exercise that will improve fine motor skills.

Christmas tree made of felt with a set of toys
And also, dressing up a felt Christmas tree, the kid will train his imagination. Bright toys will take your child to the world of fairy tales and magic! In the future, a developed imagination will help your child study well, engage in creative activities, and find non-standard solutions in difficult situations.

By the way! Your kid can decorate a felt Christmas tree on his own, and you at this time … I think you will find something to spend this half an hour or even an hour on! Complete with a felt Christmas tree — a set of bright toys! They can be attached to the Christmas tree with Velcro and detached, attached and detached… Have you already experienced all the benefits of our offer? Well, if you didn’t feel it, then you can calculate how long it will take for the baby to attach and detach all the toys, and then detach and attach again …

A felt Christmas tree is a great gift that will pleasantly surprise your baby. Become a magician for your child: make the holidays unusual and memorable!

Consider other benefits that a felt Christmas tree promises you, although the choice in its favor is already quite obvious. But if you’re still in doubt…

High quality

The Christmas tree is made of felt, and this is a high-quality eco-friendly material! So any manifestations of allergies in your baby are excluded.


The material from which the felt Christmas tree is made is very durable. So this acquisition is not for one year. We do not claim that nothing will ever happen to her, everything happens, but this moment will be delayed in time.

Child development

Felt Christmas tree is a whole developing game complex, developed according to the method of Maria Montessori. And this is the best pedagogical system that teaches the child important skills and helps develop emotional intelligence. Your baby will begin to train fine motor skills and perseverance by attaching and detaching toys. And he will develop his imagination, getting acquainted with flowers, animals, fairy-tale characters.

Family New Year Traditions

Meeting the New Year with a felt Christmas tree can become traditional. Imagine: New Year, you traditionally take out a felt Christmas tree, decorations for it … And here she is, your fighting New Year’s friend, back in the ranks!

Unusual decoration for the nursery

Even if you are celebrating the New Year with a live or artificial Christmas tree, why not put a felt Christmas tree in the nursery? Let your little one have his own personal Christmas tree, which he can decorate the way he likes!

Christmas tree made of felt - a great gift for children


Nothing bad will happen if the child drops the Christmas tree. The product is made of soft felt, the child will not prick, cut, or break toys.


The size of the Christmas tree is 100×75 centimeters, you can place it even in a small room. A felt Christmas tree will look great, and it won’t take up much space!

No matter how you look at it, a felt Christmas tree is an unusual and useful gift! Well, and the value … The value of a gift is determined by those who give, and those to whom … Appreciate your family! Buy a soft felt Christmas tree… And you will be happy. Well, in the New Year — for sure! In the New Year — everything is possible …


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