The profession of a primary school teacher is very important and responsible. But at the same time, she remains one of the most sought after and desired! Like many years ago, many kids in childhood want to become teachers, so that someone proudly calls them “my first teacher”.

What are the responsibilities of a teacher

A primary school teacher is a specialist in the field of education who teaches and educates children from grades 1 to 4. The task of a teacher in elementary school is to present information to kids so that they remember it and learn how to use it in real life.

In addition, it is the primary school teacher who prepares the children for entering the secondary school, passing them on the basic knowledge of reading, writing, listening, comparing and analyzing information.

In fact, elementary school teachers have quite a few responsibilities that make him very busy and serious. An elementary school teacher must:

  • conduct lessons in different academic disciplines (in the primary grades, most subjects are taught by one teacher);
  • draw up calendar plans for classes, curricula in order to conduct lessons of high quality;
  • check homework;
  • organize control and verification work to control the knowledge of students;
  • develop students’ abilities, their talents and skills, improve skills;
  • monitor discipline during classes and at breaks;
  • organize various events (creative, sports, historical), including extracurricular ones;
  • keep a class journal, set current, quarterly and annual grades on time;
  • instill important moral qualities in children;
  • carry out class management (hold parent-teacher meetings, monitor the progress and behavior of students, resolve any issues);
  • conduct circles, sections and additional classes;
  • monitor the classroom to which the class is attached, clean or decorate the room.

What is the working day of a primary school teacher like?

The teacher spends most of his working time at school, where he not only teaches children, but also performs other tasks.

The working day of a primary school teacher begins early in the morning, because he must come to class before everyone else. He opens the office, prepares the board, meets the students. After the lessons, the teacher needs to fill out a journal in all subjects, set grades, check homework or test papers.

If there is some kind of event on the nose, the teacher must describe its plan and organizational points. The same applies to parent meetings and teachers’ councils: you need to prepare materials and a list of issues that need to be resolved in advance.

From time to time, teachers need to attend refresher courses, go to teacher seminars in other schools, or organize extra-curricular activities: trips to theaters, to historical places, to other cities. So the working day of a teacher in an elementary school is not limited to one lesson at all!

How to become a primary school teacher

To become a primary school teacher, it is not necessary to receive a higher education. Many enter teacher training colleges after 9th or 11th grade, and after 3 years become certified elementary teachers.

You can also unlearn to be a primary education teacher at pedagogical institutes and universities that are in any city.

In the last years, students of institutions undergo pedagogical practice in the primary grades, thanks to which they will be able to finally decide where they want to work. By the way, elementary school teachers can work not only at school, but also in kindergarten.

What qualities should a teacher have?

To become a worthy specialist, a primary school teacher needs to have not only strong professional knowledge, but also personal qualities.

First of all, the profession of a primary school teacher is suitable for people who love children and are well versed in child psychology. They are not only observant, but also quickly dispose the kids to themselves. A primary school teacher is practically a superhero who must be strict, but kind, patient, sociable, fair, understanding. He needs to respect the students, be tactful and delicate. And, of course, in this profession one cannot do without stress resistance, endurance and true self-control!

A good elementary school teacher is always striving for self-development. This specialist is demanding both to himself and to children. It’s good if he combines the personality of a serious person and an enthusiastic dreamer — with such a teacher, younger students are especially interested.

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