Thai toothpaste. How to choose?

All Thai cosmetic and medicinal products are distinguished by their natural composition and effectiveness. Each product is clinically tested and tested to ensure that only the best products reach the market. Thai toothpastes are no exception. They contain natural extracts and extracts from plants, essential oils and other traditional and exotic ingredients. With the help of unique toothpastes from Thailand, you can really reduce the frequency of visits to the dentist. These products are different from what we are used to seeing in mass markets, so read the article carefully to get the most out of miracle oral remedies. Cosmetics and pharmaceuticals are actively developing in Thailand, so there are many brands of toothpastes from different manufacturers. Everyone will find the best for themselves:

Darlie — Whitening toothpaste, often referred to by tourists as «Guy in a Hat Paste» after the picture on the tube. Paste white or black, with the addition of plant extracts or bamboo charcoal. Freshens breath and whitens teeth.

Twin Lotus – Whitening thick black toothpaste that leaves a pleasant menthol taste in the mouth. It contains no dyes or preservatives, and an intense black color is given to it by cuttlefish bone and seaweed. After its regular use, the teeth become whiter, the breath stays fresh longer, bleeding gums disappear.

5 Star — it has puck-shaped packaging, unusual for the Russian consumer. The composition includes essential oils of camphor, cloves, menthol, borneol. It has an excellent whitening effect, removes gum stains and tartar. The reviews for this clove paste are consistently excellent.

ISME — in a round jar, with charcoal, which is an absorbent and bleaching agent, it also contains traditional borneol and clove oil. One of the most popular and sought-after toothpastes on the Russian market.

Supaporn — Thai tooth powder Supaporn perfectly whitens teeth, strengthens gums, effectively freshens breath. Natural extracts of Thai herbs are very effective in treating gum disease.

Rochjana — Thai herbal toothpaste Rochjana with guava extract gently and effectively whitens teeth, cleaning them from plaque and food debris. Toothpaste does not damage the enamel, suitable for sensitive teeth, has antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Natural components in the composition of the paste strengthen and protect tooth enamel from caries, help reduce the risk of gum inflammation and tartar formation. The paste protects the teeth from the harmful effects of acids, sugar, drinks with dyes, nicotine. Benefits:

  • We all have come across situations when a product labeled “whitening” bought in a supermarket did not help. In the case of a product from Thailand, the effect will be noticeable. Powerful whitening and antiseptic effect achieved with regular use.
  • Keeps fresh breath for a long time. Pleasant and fresh breath appears immediately after several cleanings, a whitening effect a little later. Such short terms are guaranteed only by a product from Thailand.
  • Organic composition without preservatives and hazardous chemicals. Unlike conventional products, the product from Thailand does not have a chemically aggressive effect on the oral cavity.
  • It contains many minerals that make teeth stronger and healthier. The cleanser saturates the teeth with minerals and trace elements.
  • Due to the high concentration lasts a long time. A very small amount of cleaning agent is needed for a single use. At the same time, foam and aroma will be plentiful immediately after the start of hygiene. And one jar is enough for at least six months
  • Democratic price.


  • Unusual taste and smell of products, due to the presence of natural ingredients.
  • You need to store the paste away from moisture, the ingress of water spoils it.
  • After brushing, a lot of foam is formed, you need to rinse your mouth longer and more thoroughly.

Myths and realities of toothpastes from Thailand There are a lot of stereotypes about Thai preparations and dental preparations in particular, which stop buyers. Many of these beliefs are wrong.

1st myth: Thai oral products — not natural. They are stored for a long time and change well, which is used by opponents of Asian cosmetics as an argument against it. In fact, Thai pastes contain only natural ingredients that are balanced in such a way that they are preserved without the use of modern preparations.

2nd myth: Thai pastes scratch tooth enamel. In fact, particles of clay, bamboo charcoal and other bleaching agents are so well processed before entering the composition of toothpaste that they do not believe enamel. If you are afraid of damaging the coating of your teeth, use products without abrasive particles.

3rd myth: exotic ingredients can harm a European. Yes, Thai herbal toothpastes contain specific ingredients, such as coconut or Chinese pearls, that are unusual for a Russian buyer. But this does not mean that they will not contribute to the improvement of his teeth. For example, Thai paste with cloves does not cause allergic reactions.

4th myth: Toothpastes from Thailand are not tested for effectiveness. This may refer to artisanal pastes or imitations of well-known brands. Imported products go through all stages of clinical testing, efficiency and safety testing. Famous Thai manufacturers strive to earn credibility with their customers, so they do everything to increase loyalty to their own brand.

Product Overview


Products from this category are famous for their ability to quickly, harmlessly remove tartar from enamel. Patients note that the regular use of whitening Thai pastes brightens the enamel by several tones, provides fresh breath for the whole day. Clove, patchouli oil, camphor ether, extracts of lavender, aster and other components gently cleanse the oral cavity from pathogenic bacteria. People using the paste claim that when they are examined by a dentist, they do not need to undergo any medical manipulations, due to absolutely healthy teeth and gums.


The color of the cleaning product is unusual for a simple layman, do not be afraid of a characteristic shade. The black color indicates the naturalness of the product, the main component is bamboo charcoal. The ingredient perfectly copes with solid deposits and literally absorbs pathogenic bacteria. Additional components: clove oil, camphor have a powerful anti-inflammatory, antibacterial effect. The natural composition helps to cope with bleeding gums, painful sensations. The product based on mangosteen bark also has an unusual color. The ingredient has a pleasant aroma, a specific smell. The paste is produced in a tube, perfectly copes with the tasks: freshen breath, prevent dental diseases.


Many useful plants grow on the territory of the overseas state. Thais add Southeast Asian tree powder, guava, mangutsin to medicinal products. The entire range of products is aimed at healing inflamed gums, nourishing them with essential vitamins, minerals, stopping bleeding, and effectively fighting pathogenic microflora in the oral cavity.

Features of use

As previously noted, the Thai product is highly concentrated, and therefore requires careful dosing. This tool does not like moisture, so it should not get into the jar under any circumstances. It follows that the contact of the toothbrush with the container where the paste is located is excluded. The tool must be scooped up with a special spatula included in the kit, then it is applied to the toothbrush. The spatula should be immediately rinsed and wiped dry, and the jar with the product should be closed so that splashes do not get into it. Brushing your teeth is recommended with a soft-bristled brush. The duration of the procedure does not differ from the usual. After completing hygiene, rinse your mouth well. The product from Thailand is very popular among many Russians. Natural ingredients, simple use, high efficiency — the main trump card of the funds. Try it for yourself, there will be no side effects.

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