Star travel is one of the most favorite topics for all kids. Exploring the secrets of the universe is interesting for boys and girls of all ages. Building houses is no less exciting activity, which is pleasant to do alone or with friends. A cozy cardboard house coloring book combines the possibility of exploring galaxies with architecture and artistic creativity.

The appearance of the educational toy

The house is made of thick five-layer cardboard. Lightweight and durable material does not smell and does not cause allergies during prolonged contact with the skin. The corners and edges of the parts are rounded. Structural elements are ideally combined during the assembly of the structure. No scissors or glue needed for construction. Parts are connected effortlessly and are securely fixed in the grooves. It takes no more than 7 minutes to assemble the teremok. After entertainment, the structure is easy to disassemble for compact storage or transportation.

On the outside of the house, the contours of space objects are drawn:

  • plans and comets;

  • star systems;

  • rockets, satellites and flying saucers;

  • alien landscapes and plants.

Images of numbers and letters of the Russian alphabet are woven into the drawings. The child will be able to learn the secrets of the universe and learn the correct spelling of symbols in a playful way. Doors and window shutters open. Inside you can store your favorite toys or hide from adults. For coloring, you can use paints, felt-tip pens, markers, wax crayons or just pencils.

house coloring

Features of using the house

The children’s playhouse is decorated according to one’s own taste. The child and his friends like to choose colors and decorate the building in an individual style. Teremok can be collected at home or taken for a walk. Together with your child, you will independently assemble and install the house on the playground, in the park, square or in the backyard. Inside you can hide from the sun and wind. During the holiday, the building can be decorated with garlands, paper lanterns, children’s drawings, stickers and applications.

Important advantages of cardboard houses are recognized:

  • strength and hygiene of the material;

  • lightness of construction;

  • ease of assembly and dismantling;

  • bright thematic design of the building;

  • the possibility of compact storage of parts.

The author’s drawings look spectacular. If you point the camera of your smartphone or tablet at the QR code, then the characters from the illustrations come to life. At the same time, the shades that the children chose to decorate the planets, astronauts and humanoids are preserved.

Despite the increased wear resistance and moisture resistance, the paper can deteriorate from rain or moisture. Therefore, the house should not be taken outside in inclement weather. During assembly, the baby trains manual dexterity, logical thinking, attention and coordination of movements. Creativity contributes to the development of fantasy, imagination and artistic talents of the baby. It is interesting to decorate the house alone or in the company of peers. Educational toys for children are used to organize classes in preschool institutions, art studios or creative circles.

house coloring

Best gift

The coloring house is a universal gift that suits any occasion. An interesting and informative activity like boys and girls. Toddlers learn a lot of useful information during creative exercises. Children have questions that must be answered in books, magazines or online publications. Give your child a fairy tale that he can build and paint himself!

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