Note to parents — how to save your child from digital degradation?


We live in a world where gadgets take up a lot of our time and attention. And if we, adults, can still control the process of our involvement in virtual life, then children, due to their inexperience in life, very often become victims of progress.

We are all well aware of how much time the younger generation spends with a phone, tablet, and how much they affect their consciousness and development. Unfortunately, digital degradation captures more and more children — they become dependent on gadgets, they are not interested in the world around, they do not develop their talents and their potential.

Instead of development, they prefer light entertainment — short videos, games.

But we can save our children — give them something interesting that will attract their attention and develop them. For example, buying a painting by numbers for a child is a great way to have a good time! A fascinating activity that will enable children to pump their creative abilities and will have a positive impact on the development of intelligence in general. Creativity has always been the basis of a healthy development of a person; in addition to some new applied skills and new neural connections, it forms the right values ​​and life guidelines.

We all want our children to grow up successful and happy! And for this, it is necessary to minimize the degree of influence of the unfavorable digital environment on them and strengthen the positive impact of creativity on their childhood.

Let every child have the opportunity to unleash their creativity!

Paint by number «Unicorn» is perfect for these purposes!


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