Just like dad: toys for boys


Boys always want to be like their fathers, older brothers or grandfathers. They watch dad fix things, drive a car, or figure out how a vacuum cleaner works. So that children also have toys that will help them feel grown-up and knowledgeable, we invite you to choose something from our selection.

Tool kits

Learning how to work with a screwdriver, screwdriver or pliers is a matter of honor for boys. Especially if you have a dad in front of you, who knows how to cope with these tools perfectly well. The kits will help keep your son busy for a long time, and in the future he will be able to easily help you around the house.

car models

Many men have a passion for collecting cars, and it usually begins in childhood. If your son has such interests, then it’s time to give him mini-models. There will be something to brag to your peers!

smart robots

How to surprise your son if ordinary toys are no longer interesting? Of course, a robot with artificial intelligence. Such a toy will tell a fairy tale and teach mathematics. So, by buying the right robot for the boy, you can leave the child alone with him. Moreover, most modern robots are equipped with cameras.

prefabricated models

Prefabricated models allow the child to see the world through the eyes of great inventors. Small details that completely repeat the original ones can be studied, and in the future you can create something similar yourself. A great way to develop imagination, logic and thinking.

Did you find a toy for your son? But what about the daughter? By the way, we recently made a selection with goods for girls. Read and choose, so that the baby finds something to her liking.


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