How to use kitchen tongs?


We choose kitchen tongs for salads, meat, spaghetti and cakes. We understand the materials of manufacture and the variety of forms.

Every housewife in the kitchen arsenal should have a sufficient number of items to help her in her daily work. Cooking utensils, cutlery and other useful little things play an indispensable role. If most things are available in almost every kitchen, then not everyone knows what kitchen tongs are. This item is not only convenient, but also versatile, as it can come in handy during cooking or serving. Every self-respecting cook has such tongs in the kitchen. Moreover, they exist in various shapes, sizes, materials and are used for various purposes. If desired, you can buy one universal tongs, or purchase several pieces as a set.

Varieties of kitchen tongs

Kitchen tongs are very handy for turning meat or fish steaks. Their shape can be varied, but it must be comfortable for cooking and reliable in terms of capturing the dish. For example, using tongs, you can easily turn cutlets or pieces of meat in a pan, as well as remove food from the pan. Often there are products, one part of which looks like a spatula, and the other is a fork for easy pricking.

Tongs for the kitchen can be classified into types:

  • For grill. Fans of frequent cooking in nature can buy grill tongs. They must be made of high quality stainless steel, as in the process of cooking meat or vegetables, they will have to constantly come into contact with fire. Their shape resembles scissors, and some models look like large tweezers. At the end there are blades in the form of spoons, spatulas or forks, and other options. The paddles may be solid or have holes to allow liquid and grease to drain. Sometimes products can be bought as a set, along with a grill and a barbecue.
  • For spaghetti. Thanks to the convenient shape of the model, you can easily remove spaghetti or pasta from the pan and immediately arrange them on plates. Such tongs are an indispensable attribute of cooks in restaurants.
  • Confectionery. They come in different sizes. Small variants are used for overlaying refined sugar, marmalade or chocolates. Larger ones are suitable for individual pieces of cake and pastries to arrange them on plates.

There are also other types of tongs, for example, for salads, nuts, ice, etc. There are products specifically designed for oysters, snails, lobsters and asparagus. All of them differ in size, shape and design of the tips. There are also universal models that are suitable for different types of dishes.

Materials and shapes

The appearance of kitchen tongs resembles ordinary tweezers, only large. But for ease of use, there are products with different tips designed for different products. At the same time, everyone can buy exactly the option that will be more comfortable for him. The material for manufacturing is usually stainless steel and plastic. For those who want to save money and buy a product cheaper, the second option is suitable, but it is not as reliable and durable as the first. Steel will last a long time and will not lose its appearance during operation, even if it comes into contact with fire, which cannot be said about plastic. Stainless steel products are more environmentally friendly than plastic ones, but they are also more expensive. Sometimes special rubberized pads are used for the working plane of the forceps. This is to prevent scratches on the surface of the pan or pot during cooking. With these tongs it is convenient to take and hold products, as they will not slip out.

Forceps brand MIIAKIA

MIIAKIA is the leading brand of kitchen items. In its assortment there are goods that can be bought at various prices. Most of the items are in the middle price category and are available to almost every buyer. In the list of MIIAKIA products you can also find tongs for the kitchen. A versatile option that is suitable for frying and turning meat, as well as for serving the table, or for any one dish. The main advantages of these tongs are:

  • stylish design;
  • possibility to wash in the dishwasher;
  • convenient form;
  • does not damage the coating of the pan or pan during cooking;
  • quality material — stainless steel;
  • do not absorb odors;
  • do not enter into chemical reactions with products;
  • teeth giving tenacity;
  • versatility — can be used both for a juicy-aromatic steak on the coals, and for a crystal ice cube in your cocktail;
  • high rating among buyers.

Kitchen tongs are not a mandatory attribute for cooking, but they are undeniably useful and can greatly facilitate the workflow. It is much more hygienic to use tongs to place a piece of cake, pie or other dish on your plate than to pick up food with your bare hands. Everyone knows that a huge amount of bacteria accumulates on their hands, especially if they have previously held banknotes or a cell phone. Those who take care of their health and at the same time love comfort and convenience should definitely buy such an item as tongs for the kitchen!


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