Why is it difficult for a child to read?

Often kids take failures in a new business to heart and refuse to learn. Teaching a child to read without coercion and instilling a love of books is an important task, but not an easy one.

At that distant time, when the current mothers and fathers were small, they taught reading from the basics in the 1st grade. Today the situation has changed somewhat, and a first-grader, as a rule, goes to school prepared, knowing the letters and being able to read. However, not all kindergartens teach literacy, and not all children attend them. Therefore, many parents face the question of how to teach a child to read at home, where to start this tricky science. Let’s try to figure this out.

Teaching kids is a very delicate, delicate matter. In order for the child to have an interest as early as possible, there are no negative reactions to classes and reading in general, parents should follow a few general rules. This is a game form, the regularity of classes, involvement in the process, the transition from simple to complex. Play-based learning, in which children engage in pleasure, is considered the most effective. Unobtrusively learn the alphabet, special toys will help you learn to read. One of these games is «Interactive ABC».

Interactive ABC «COOL-READ» is a new unique toy that allows you to learn simple words. The colored cards contain a picture and a variant of the word that can be found on the spinning dice.

The game is simple and clear:

  • take any card, put it in a stand for convenience;
  • carefully study the picture and the word under it;
  • pick up the cubes with the right letters, twist, match and read the word.

The toy serves not only as a good simulator for learning the alphabet, but also develops the child’s thinking, memory, and phonemic hearing. If the baby is older or there are several children, you can arrange a competition who can find more words in a minute.

A special stand for cards, as well as the alphabet itself, is made of solid birch, it is a natural warm material that is pleasant to take in hand. All cubes and stand are coated with a child-safe varnish that prevents dirt and bacteria on the wood.

Interactive alphabet «COMPLETE THE WORD» — an exciting educational board game for children that will help a child learn the letters of the Russian or English alphabet and make syllables and words from letters according to task cards or come up with them on their own.

Learning in a playful way is interesting and useful. The game is made so that the kid can easily:

  • study letters separately;
  • learn to put words out of them, written on cards with pictures;
  • read two-syllable and three-syllable words;
  • convenient separation of letters by color, will allow the child to easily learn to distinguish vowels from consonants.

With this play set, learning the alphabet and getting ready for school will become even more fun. An educational game will help not only learn to read, but also develop logical thinking, fine motor skills of hands, as well as attention and perseverance. Also, with the help of it, you can study prescriptions, because. the letters on the cards are drawn with dashed lines.

The game form, interest, elements of competition, timely praise work wonders, are guaranteed to bring a positive result in the development of reading.

Learning to read is not an easy task, but it can be done. Parents need patience and consistency. Regardless of the method you choose, the main thing is love and mutual understanding. Only by establishing contact with your baby, playing with him, you can get a successful result.

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