How to protect your phone and cheer yourself up.


Here the desired purchase is in the hands of the owner. It is beautiful and many people think that it is not necessary to put a case on the phone, because the gadget was specially designed to please the eye in its original, as thin as possible, glossy form.

But later everyone comes to the conclusion that an unprotected phone becomes ugly very quickly. There are scuffs, scratches, or even chips and cracks on the case. The phone in hands, without a case, slips, which often leads to a fall on the asphalt, concrete floor, tiles.

In order to avoid annoying scratches on the phone case from keys or, even worse, chips when dropped, we advise you to consider options for phone cases in our store.

Mir Chehlov offers a wide variety of covers from pads, bumpers to book covers. Choose a cover for an event or mood, suitable in style and at the same time comfortable.

Different colors and textures will give you the feeling of a new smartphone in your hands every time, and everything new perfectly improves your mood. Check out the good vibes.


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