How to make life tastier?


Everyone has memories from childhood about the dishes that our mothers and grandmothers cooked for us: pies, pancakes, pancakes, cheesecakes, muffins, cookies… One has only to close one’s eyes and imagine the pictures of a Sunday morning when the aroma of baking from the kitchen spread throughout the house .

But then there was no such an affordable variety of culinary ingredients as it is now. Modern housewives are very lucky, they have a wonderful selection of confectionery additives for baking and decorating ready meals, with which you can make your favorite dishes even tastier.

confectionery chocolate

Chocolate is a universal ingredient, it has a huge number of types and forms: bar chocolate, figured chocolate, confectionery chocolate, chocolate paste, chocolate syrup, chocolate icing, chocolate chips, sugar-free chocolate, chocolate chips, chocolate sticks, chocolate in drops, drops, disks , cullets, pieces, balls, everything and not to list.

For baking, it is best to use thermostable confectionery chocolate in drops (drops) or thermostable chocolate in pieces, it does not melt at high temperatures and retains its shape in the product during manufacture. Real chocolate has only natural cocoa butter in the recipe.

Baking confectionery chocolate is used as an additive in cookies, muffins, cakes, croissants, Easter cakes, hash browns, muffins, cupcakes, cereal bars, ice cream and other confectionery and sweets to add texture and chocolate flavor. Chocolate can be used as a breakfast supplement for muesli and porridge, or as a chocolate dessert with tea or coffee.

And if you want to feel like a real confectioner or chocolatier, then try confectionery chocolate for melting. Confectionery milk chocolate in discs (callets) will impress you with its delicate creamy taste. It is ideal for melting and tempering, used for molding, making chocolate figures, bars, candy, icing, fillings and ganache, chocolate cream, decorating cakes, pastries, pies, gingerbread, biscuits and many other desserts. Melt the chocolate and surprise your guests with chocolate covered strawberries. Try it, it’s much easier than you think!

Caramel confectionery

Everyone is well aware of candy caramel and caramel on a stick — caramel sweets are a favorite dessert for many. Caramel toppings, sauces and syrups for coffee have long and firmly entered our lives.

Confectionery caramel is a relatively new product that is gaining popularity in cooking. Caramel comes in the form of small cubes, similar to miniature toffee candies, and has reduced fluidity at baking temperatures up to 180 degrees. Such caramel can be added to any pastries, giving a new taste to familiar dishes. The small size of caramel pieces allows it to be used as a confectionery topping. Decorate ready-made desserts or just eat caramel like candy. Perhaps pancakes, cheesecakes or waffles with caramel will become your children’s favorite dish and, when they grow up, they will remember «that very taste.»

Make your life tastier!


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