Parents and many adults who sympathize with them know that a small child will prefer a plastic bag from the nearest store or a bowl of dog food to any fancy toy. Be patient! This is a reality in which you will have to tear your beloved child out of the tenacious fingers more than once.

Perhaps the only way out of this situation is to try to surround your children at least at home with functional, interesting and safe items of toy abundance. Such, for example, as play sets from the eco-brand LISKIDS.

And now, in an adult way and with specifics, let’s talk about our toys!

What is it: LISKIDS is a young Russian brand and workshop of author’s play sets for children from 2 years old and their parents.

What is it made of: All toys from LISKIDS are made from natural beech and other trees. Treated for the safety of children — splinters, bye-bye — with a special certified Osmo coating. Each toy is packed in craft paper and a box. Each product preserves the natural texture and smell of wood.

Production stages:

— Cutting wood species

— Grinding — Priming

— Re-sanding

— Painting

— Coated with oil that protects the toy from damage and flaking of splinters

What does the child get: Eco-friendly toys from LISKIDS will help children develop fine motor skills, coordination, creative thinking and imagination. The connections of the road elements are unique, magnets are hidden in each element of the road, which do not have polarity, and this allows you to assemble the road in different versions. Among other things, the parts from our set are perfectly combined with parts from designers of famous world brands, such as Brio. In other words, we give your child the opportunity to create a whole world from his favorite old and new toys.

Well, adults? I suppose you want to open the box and play by yourself? Do not hold back and order cars and author’s play sets from LISKIDS! Your children and you will fly away from the tactile delight and environmental friendliness of our products!

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