Coloring is a fun activity for kids of all ages. Coloring lessons help your child develop their imagination, prepare their hand for writing, and get to know the world around them better. But what if it is not the usual coloring, but mega coloring?

What is mega coloring

Mega coloring is a large size coloring book with images of different characters and educational tasks. Each coloring page was created on the basis of a fascinating story: stories about pirates, mimics, inhabitants of a fairy-tale land and big-eyed cars. The mega coloring book is made of thick paper, which is difficult to tear, so the child can color the pictures with felt-tip pens and pencils.

Thanks to the non-standard paper size, the pictures are easy to color with parents and friends. When the child paints over all the details, the finished picture can be hung on the wall.

Megacoloring is suitable for experienced and inexperienced artists from 3 years old.

We train fine motor skills of hands

In the mega coloring book, the child is offered 4 large images with details on each hero and object. Due to this, the baby trains fine motor skills and prepares fingers for writing: to complete the picture, the child needs to color in large and small details.

Painting in detailed patterns requires patience, because the kid is trying to carefully paint the hero, without going beyond the outline, and not to tear the paper with strong pressure. The efforts and efforts of the child when coloring help him develop perseverance and attention to detail.

Developing horizons and imagination

In the process of coloring, the child encounters objects that he already knows or sees for the first time. What does Uncle Lesha’s car look like? What is this girl with wings? Where does the octopus live? The kid remembers the shape of the object, tries to find the right color and remembers if this object has been seen before. Thanks to such mechanics, the child learns the world and broadens his horizons faster.

Mega coloring pages offer the kid to delve into different topics: to get acquainted with the types of transport, the inhabitants of a fairy-tale land and princesses, toys and pirates. There is no ready-made pattern in the coloring book, so the child can be creative and experiment with colors for each picture. Working with new topics develops creative thinking and teaches the child to approach tasks in a non-standard way.

Getting ready for school

Simple and exciting tasks in each coloring book encourage the child to think, analyze and express themselves in a playful way. The kid thinks about what treasure the fox hid, what color to paint the princess’s dress and what planetarium the bear made. Over time, the baby gets used to learning new information on his own and tries to find answers without the help of parents.

Coloring pages introduce the little man to the art of painting. Also, when coloring, visual and kinesthetic channels for obtaining information work, interhemispheric interaction develops. And, of course, the child receives positive emotions.

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