Fine motor skills are the ability to make small and precise movements with the fingers, which must be developed from an early age, since it is in direct relationship with human speech.

Geometric sorter is a play material that will help your baby develop fine motor skills and more.

The set «Long sorter» includes 5 types of geometric shapes of different colors, 3 elements each and a stand for them. The size of the stand is 30×9 cm, and the dimensions of the figures-details are 5 cm. The child is invited to fill in the sorter: for this, all the elements of the set will need to be placed on a special board by selection.

The «Square Sorter» set includes 4 types of geometric shapes of different colors, 4 elements each and a stand for them. The size of the base stand is 13×13 cm, the size of the figures-details is 5 cm.

Playing with a sorter will help the baby quickly begin to understand geometric shapes, volumes and primary colors. The child learns to logically sort or collect according to any sign: size, shape and color. At the same time, fine motor skills of the hands and accuracy of movements develop.

What useful skills will your child gain?

1. Learn to define such concepts as «different», «same».

2. He will begin to understand correctly or incorrectly, whether the element fits the base holes or not.

3. The child learns to compare, do the simplest analysis, divide objects into classifications.

4. Development of coordination of movements and eye.

5. The success achieved as a result of the game will provide the baby with a positive assessment.

6. Development of perseverance and attention.

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