A small child perceives the surrounding objects as solid objects, but at the same time likes to take everything apart into pieces. The first step to developing logic in a child is to show that objects are actually made up of different parts.

To do this, you can ask the child to assemble a whole image from pieces and, during the game, ask him questions:

What kind of tail does a dog have? And what about a cat? — here the child turns on observation.

“Think about which wheels are front and which are rear?” — here the baby includes logic and creative thinking.

A fascinating designer of stickers helps to develop all these abilities.

How does the sticker constructor work?

The constructor is assembled from bright pictures, in which the characters lack important details. Each page contains one illustration and a sample of the finished picture. The main task of the child in the game with the designer is to look at the finished sample, remember the missing details and glue these parts onto the picture. If the kid makes a mistake during the game, reusable stickers can be easily re-glued.

Let’s start playing

The baby will have more than 100 reusable stickers at his disposal, so it is important for the parent to introduce the child to the game. At the beginning of the game, the adult shows the child how to find and stick stickers on the picture. Then the parent draws the child’s attention to the sample and offers to compare the illustration with the big picture: “What details are missing? How do they look? Where to find them? After that, the child tries to find suitable stickers among others and stick them evenly on the page. It is important to praise the child for small victories in the game and maintain interest in development.

We develop visual perception, intelligence and fine motor skills

The child needs to try to stick a sticker on the missing part of the hero. The efforts of the baby during the game will help develop fine motor skills, attention to detail, perseverance and memory. The designer will also introduce the child to new objects and animals, teach you to distinguish colors and visually correlate objects in shape and size.

Choosing a constructor

Properly selected designer will quickly captivate the child and allow him to develop his horizons by studying different topics. For the first time, the parent needs to choose a constructor for the kid’s favorite topic — pets, forest dwellers, farm animals, cars, magical heroes. When the child masters the game, you can offer him a constructor on an unexplored topic and expand the baby’s ideas about the world around him. For example, you can introduce your child to different types of transport, adventures and exotic animals.

The sticker constructor will be a good gift for children who like to study on their own, and those who like to play with their parents more.

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