How to develop a child’s creative thinking


In the world of modern technologies and gadgets, it is hard to surprise a child with toys, especially educational ones. But, despite the abundance of educational games and useful content, playing with just a phone or tablet is dangerous for a child’s health. Vision deteriorates, the development of fine motor skills and, as a result, communication skills are inhibited. There is only one way out: to pick up a toy for the child so that it does not leave him indifferent. At the same time, it is important that hands, fingers and, of course, imagination are actively involved in the game.

We hasten to please you! Such a toy exists! This is a puzzle. How can a puzzle attract the attention of fidgets, you say. The usual kind of «mosaic», indeed, has already become boring for many mischievous children.

But what if each piece of the puzzle is a separate toy?

In the box we see individual figures of animals, plants, marine life. But if you correctly connect them together, you get a picture. At first it seems impossible, and that’s the magic. But when your child copes with this task, he will experience incredible joy. What to say about children, this kind of puzzles are now very popular among adults.

But in order to really enjoy the game, it is important to choose the right puzzle.

1.Be sure to consider the age of the child

For the age of 3-7 years, a children’s puzzle is perfect, consisting of 80-100 medium-sized pieces. The final picture should be light, understandable and positive, so as not to scare the baby.

For example, a cheerful smiling whale with kind eyes, which is magically obtained from the figures of marine life: a dolphin, an octopus, a stingray, a seahorse, a shark, a crab, a turtle and others. Collecting such a puzzle with a child, you can study marine animals or arrange an exciting game. And if the child prefers to play alone, the Kit puzzle will entice him for an hour.

2. Choose quality materials

In order for such a set to serve for a long time, it is better to give preference to puzzles made of wood. Wooden puzzles are pleasant to the touch, do not have an unpleasant smell and are practically not amenable to wear. The wooden set will please you and your child for many years.

3. Consider the interests of the child

Each kid has his own preferences, which, of course, should be borne in mind. But if you have chosen a figured puzzle as a gift, the most versatile option for both a boy and a girl is a marine theme.

Take care of your children and their mental and physical health. Do not forget that for the harmonious development of the brain, the child needs to feel, touch, examine, turn over, and sometimes even taste, and not just slide your finger across the screen. Choose the right educational toys. All healthy and happy children and good mood.


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