There are many techniques and types of needlework known since ancient times — crochet, macrame weaving, jute knitting and much more. Unique things made with your own hands will make the interior of the house unique, cozy and emphasize your individuality. All these techniques are again at the peak of popularity. Let’s try to figure out how to decorate your home with handmade products so that it looks modern and stylish.

Jute twine for needlework
Jute rope 6 mm 50 meters for needlework

Interior style
Handicrafts look organically in the interiors of boho, Provence, country, Scandinavian style, shabby chic, etc. An important point is to use handicrafts in doses, no more than 2-3 items in the room, otherwise it will look tasteless or too colorful.

Macrame products

The macrame technique is once again at the peak of popularity. Remember the Soviet era, who does not remember the panel — an owl, string bags and bags. Then, to find quality material for macrame, you had to work hard. Now in needlework stores there is a huge selection of cords, twine for weaving macrame. Masters weave the most beautiful panels, hammocks, original planters, curtains and hammocks. Thanks to these models, your home will be decorated in a very modern way. To make a beautiful panel or planter, buy good material, give preference to discreet natural shades and then the product will look organic and stylish. Our company AReligion specializes in the production of ropes, twine, jute and cotton threads, which are ideal for knitting.

Twine for macrame 1.5 mm 500 meters
Twine for macrame 2 mm 500 grams

Handmade rugs

Knitted rugs are popular again. Previously, to make them, our grandmothers and mothers cut unnecessary clothes into strips and knitted colored coarse rugs suitable only for village houses. Now on sale you can find a wide selection of twine, ropes from both cotton and jute, which make wonderful and stylish rugs. They are perfect for children’s room, bedroom and hallway. Choose material of natural natural shades that will fit well into a modern interior.

Jute rope 8 mm 50 meters for needlework, knitting, scratching posts
Jute rope 8 mm 40 meters for needlework, knitting, scratching posts

Embroidered pictures

Embroidery has long been widely used in home interiors. In the specialist shop you will find a wide selection of embroidery kits. But in order for the embroidered picture to look modern, take it to the framing workshop. Masters will professionally decorate your embroidery, pick up a baguette and give it a finished look. Such a picture will look modern, unlike those old-fashioned embroideries in bulky frames that hung in every village house.

Handmade blankets

Handmade blankets — crocheted from «grandmother’s squares», or knitted with a pattern of braids, it is so cozy to wrap yourself in them. To make the plaid look harmonious, and not old-fashioned, it is important to choose the right color palette. It is best to use calm tones, 2 — 3 colors. If the plaid is bright and multi-colored, then it is best suited to the boho style or for the children’s room.

Crocheted napkins, which used to be very popular, will be more appropriate in country style. If you have a collection of grandmother’s napkins, then you can get creative and come up with a panel, or sew such lace on a sofa cushion, thereby giving them a second life. Such panels can be bright enough and in order not to look tasteless, they need to be placed on a light plain wall.

Cotton twine 1.5 mm 1000 meters


If you have an old wardrobe or chest of drawers, possibly inherited from grandfathers, then you can give it a second life using the decoupage technique. Such a thing will perfectly fit into the Art Nouveau, Eco, Provence style and make the space play in a new way.

Knitted pillows

Knitted pillows are still in fashion. To make them look modern, use calm shades of yarn. Colorful and bright — will be appropriate in the country or in more daring styles — fusion, for example. Pillows knitted with a pattern of braids and arans, coarse knit are now relevant.

Crochet curtains
Small curtains were knitted by our grandmothers. In the modern world, knitted curtains are gaining more and more popularity. They are knitted in — mainly for the kitchen, there are many simple delicate patterns that will decorate your window and look appropriate in country style, Russian style. Moreover, now there is a large selection of yarn and accessories on sale, which was not the case in the past.

Handmade products with proper placement will surely bring a special and unique flavor to your interior, make it unique and with its own character.

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