How to choose socks for a child?

Children’s socks there is never too much for a baby. Every mom had problems finding one sock from the pair where they go — it’s a matter of time, someday, somewhere, it will be found in a completely unexpected place, therefore, it’s better to buy several pairs of the same size, color scheme and the same quality at once, it’s faster a couple will form.

But how to choose the right socks so that the child is comfortable wearing them?

For everyday wear, products made from natural cotton are best suited, they are perfectly breathable, allow the skin to breathe, do not cause skin itching and are hypoallergenic. For practicality and durability, manufacturers use the optimal composition: the ratio of cotton is 80% and polyamide is 20%, the presence of lycra is acceptable no more than 5% for strength. The composition of the threads is always indicated on the label. Pay attention to composition.

Wildberries has a lot of choice of children’s socks, but the quality is different for everyone. Therefore, I specially made a selection for you of the highest quality, natural, beautiful and inexpensive models of socks for children👧🏼👶🏼. Below I will leave the website of the seller from whom I found these socks.

Happy shopping!💐

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