How to choose pajamas for a child for a comfortable sleep: the main criteria when buying


In the review, we will look at the Pumbie brand, which has released a new collection of children’s pajamas made from natural fabrics.

We will figure out which pajamas to choose to ensure the comfort and restful sleep of the child. We will find out what parameters sleepwear should meet in order to satisfy all the needs of children at night.

Before choosing pajamas, it is important to pay attention to several main indicators:


One of the main criteria when choosing children’s pajamas. The fabric from which sleepwear is made should be pleasant to the touch, absorb moisture well and allow air to pass through, allowing the skin to breathe. In this case, the material must be dense and wear-resistant. The ability of the fabric to maintain its original shape for a long time is important. 100% cotton is best for this.


Should be free and not hinder the movement of the child in a dream. At the same time, too large a size is also not worth buying, as the clothes will twist and create discomfort for the baby. Cuffs should be soft, not pinch.

tailoring quality

The seams should be even, well-finished, without protruding threads. When the fabric is stretched, the seams should not diverge.


When choosing a color, it is worth considering the interests of the child, the baby should like the pajamas. But it is better to refuse acid colors, such colors stimulate the psyche, and do not soothe.


Must be of good quality. Sew-on, insulated stripes should be avoided.


Here you should completely trust the child and pick up pajamas with illustrations of your favorite cartoon character or little animals.

Now let’s go directly to the review presented in the new collection, children’s pajamas.

Review of pajamas in the new collection from Pumbie

High quality, bright design and maximum comfort for the child is the main concept of Pumbie. The new collection includes children’s pajamas for children and teenagers from 3 to 14 years old. Pajamas do not cause allergies and allow the skin to breathe.

Designers when choosing colors and prints took into account the ability to wear the same model for both girls and boys. This simplifies the selection and makes all kits more versatile.

In addition, the pajama top and bottom can be easily combined with other things from the children’s wardrobe.

All sets consist of a jacket and pants. Universal, all-weather model. The long-sleeve top and pants are made from 100% hypoallergenic cotton. An additional advantage of this model is the presence of elastic cuffs-elastic bands on the sleeves and pants, which create additional comfort when worn.

The line has 7 different pajamas in color and print. When creating the design, bright, fashionable color schemes were used that correspond to modern fashion trends.

And cheerful images of a dinosaur, a cow, a bear, a cat, a giraffe and other characters will appeal not only to children, but also to adults.


When choosing pajamas, it is important to choose not only according to the established factory size, but also take into account the height of the child, chest circumference and sleeve length. All these figures are indicated in the size table. As a rule, the set goes size to size.

Additional features

The versatility of the design solution of this collection is that the set can be used not only as pajamas, but also as home clothes. The high quality of the fabric and the universal design allows the suit to be used day and night for a long time.

Pajamas will serve as a good gift that will not lie on the shelf.


The Pumbie brand has made sure that everyone can choose clothes for their child, depending on the individual needs of the baby. At the same time, the manufacturer focused on the quality and design of clothing. Pajamas are an important component of a sound and comfortable sleep for a child, as nightwear:

• protects against cold and temperature fluctuations
• takes care of hygiene
• helps to tune in to sleep
• gives a feeling of comfort and tranquility

Considering the tips and nuances described above, you can choose pajamas quickly and easily.


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