How to choose household gloves for gardening?


If you work in the garden or in the garden, then gloves are very important! But, unfortunately, many neglect this thing. And all this happens because many consider them unnecessary and inconvenient. And also they are simply not afraid to get their hands dirty and ruin the manicure.

Because of this attitude, the skin of the hands is very much injured. Therefore, in order to maintain healthy hands and a beautiful manicure, it is important to wear gloves!

What are gloves protected from?

— From calluses, blisters, scratches and splinters;

— Drying of the skin of the hands due to frequent contact with water;

– Chemical burns;

– Inflammation and infection of injured skin.

This is why gloves are so important. After all, not only beauty, but also the health of your hands depends on them! And our gloves will help you with this, because they are super comfortable! And also preserve the beauty and health of the skin of the hands!

What to look for when choosing gloves for the garden?

– Increased density;

– The presence of latex impregnation or special rubberized spikes in the area of ​​​​the palms;

– Reinforced inserts or soft «cushions» in areas subject to friction.

This all serves to better grip the surface of the tools, and also protects against slipping and prevents blisters and cuts.

Our partially nitrile coated gloves are perfect for these tasks. They provide excellent protection and are very comfortable!

Gloves are the perfect gift!

Our product can be used not only for personal use, but also for a gift. This is an ideal option for mom, grandmother or girlfriend, because gloves with incomplete nitrile coating are an indispensable helper in the garden or in the garden!

By ordering our gloves, you will protect your hand skin, because health is above all! Thanks to our product, your hands will always be well-groomed, even if you spent the whole day in the garden!


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