What earrings are best for a small child

It is better to choose the first earrings for a girl with the direct participation of their future owner. Naturally, at the age of one, the little princess is unlikely to help her mother in this responsible process, but at the age of two or three, it’s easy.

A few years ago there was a boom in children’s models of earrings — with strawberries, cherries, cartoon characters, cats, fish and so on. They were worn even by adult girls and ladies prone to shocking. In 2022, this trend is no longer relevant: children are left to children.

What is the difference between children’s earrings and adults? Giving a young princess antique earrings inherited from her grandmother at preschool age is clearly not the best solution. Firstly, she may not like the jewelry, and secondly, they are unlikely to meet the requirements for children’s jewelry. Children’s earrings differ from adults in everything except for their intended purpose. Differences are observed in materials, design and choice of clasp.


Definitely the best choice would be the most common 585 gold. It contains enough ligatures to give the soft noble metal the necessary hardness, and at the same time they cause allergic reactions only in isolated cases. Before buying, you should ask about the composition of the ligatures added to the precious metal. The most common allergic reactions are to nickel, which is usually added to the alloy in the manufacture of inexpensive white gold items. Palladium is much less allergenic, but it also costs much more. White gold with the addition of palladium is used mainly in the manufacture of jewelry in the luxury segment.

Therefore, it is best for a child to choose earrings made of red or rose gold, because not every family can afford to buy designer earrings made of white gold with palladium. 925 sterling silver is also quite digestible, it is possible — with high-quality gilding. And it is better to make punctures on surgical steel or implantation titanium. And no jewelry, even the highest quality. Moreover, you need to choose jewelry in the salon or make it to order in a jewelry workshop with a good reputation — avoid any cheap stuff and handicrafts.

Clasps Very strict requirements are imposed on the clasps of jewelry. They must be absolutely reliable and not cause the slightest discomfort. The best options are:

Studs. Stud earrings can be the best option for the smallest princesses. They sit tightly in the lobes, with the right selection they do not press, the risks of hooks are minimal. Another plus is that the studs do not need to be removed before water procedures, when playing sports, going to bed.

Congo rings. The bow passing through the earlobe is inserted into the opposite part of the ring. You should choose the smallest rings in order to minimize the risks of hooking. Congos with imitation pendants are acceptable (they do not hang out, but are fixed rigidly).

English clasp. A good option for a girl over the age of three. It is necessary to choose the most concise design models, given the length of the pin. It is impossible to regulate it, so there are risks that the earring will pinch the earlobe. Such earrings are appropriate only with complete healing of wounds, better — a few years after piercing the ears.

French castle. Not a bad option for an already grown up princess. The arc is inserted into the ring in the main part of the earring from below. The jewelry slides freely in the hole of the lobe, which eliminates the need for careful selection of earrings by size and minimizes the risk of suppuration. But for kindergarten and elementary school, this is not the best option: the earring can catch on clothes and pop out of the ear when changing clothes or during daytime sleep.

Italian castle. An excellent option that combines the advantages of French and English fasteners — the length of the pin is adjustable. But, unfortunately, such jewelry for children is extremely rare in free sale.

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