How to choose an orthopedic pillow for a child?


When the baby gets older, parents face the question of choosing a pillow for the child. Before doing it, it is worth considering a few nuances. Today we want to talk about choosing an orthopedic pillow for children: let’s figure out together what is important not to lose sight of.

What is important to pay attention to?

After the baby is 3 years old, parents can safely choose an orthopedic pillow for him. At this age, the child can already explain whether it is comfortable for him to sleep on such a pillow, how comfortable he is, soft or hard, whether his head or neck hurts after sleep.

The main thing that is important to pay attention to is the shape and filler of the pillow. Orthopedists advise purchasing products of medium softness for children: a good pillow should provide comfortable support for the cervical spine.

Orthopedic pillows just meet these requirements. They can be:

  • made of highly elastic foam with a porous structure;
  • a special shape, when a cushion is placed under the neck, which provides rest during sleep.

As for the pillow filler, it is better to choose models from natural latex or materials with a memory effect. Such pillows do not cause allergies, are hygienic and as comfortable as possible.

A big plus will be a removable cover for the pillow, because the child often sweats in his sleep, and manufacturers do not recommend washing the pillow completely. It can lose shape and become unsuitable for sleep.

Why does a child need an orthopedic pillow?

A properly selected orthopedic pillow helps the child to get enough sleep, and also has a positive effect on his health and development: during sleep, blood vessels are not pinched and oxygen freely enters the brain.

Doctors have proven that when a child is in a relaxed position during sleep, his lymphatic system and blood circulation work correctly.

How to choose a pillow?

When choosing an orthopedic pillow, be guided by the height of the roller, which will be under the neck. We noticed that the child often sleeps on his side — buy a pillow for him with a higher roller. The main thing is that the spine forms a straight line when the child sleeps. If the neck is raised, then buy a pillow lower, if lowered, then higher.

Keep in mind a few important points:

  • Sleep position of a child.
  • Shoulder size (it is important that the line of the spine is flush with the mattress).
  • Firmness of the mattress (keep in mind that soft mattresses sag).
  • Feelings of the child: he should be comfortable lying on the pillow.

If you are looking for a pillow for a teenager or schoolchild, then choose the option with higher rollers — for example, like the model below. The height of the cushions for this pillow is 9 and 11 cm. It is perfect for older children and even adults.


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