How to choose an educational transformer toy for a child?


It is difficult for small children to sit still, so they are constantly moving: jumping on the bed, running with friends along the street and breaking their knees. It is not easy to captivate a mobile and inquisitive child with classic dolls and static toys. Instead, offer your baby an educational transformer toy.

After the release of the first Transformers, movable toys became the dream of every second child. The boys dreamed of bright battles and wanted to get a popular robot in their collection, but not all children shared this enthusiasm. For younger children, a transforming egg toy with a popular Disney character was a suitable option.

What is a transformer egg?

The peculiarity of the transformer toy is that the hero from the colored shell does not need to be assembled in parts and attach the character’s details according to the instructions. It is enough for a child to get the hero out of the egg, unbend all parts of the body and start the game.

Transforming eggs will be a suitable gift for children from 3 years old who like to collect toys with their favorite cartoon characters. Each line includes 4 bright toys in an egg with Mater, Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters.

How to play with the transformer toy?

With a compact transformer, it is easy to play at home, at a party, on the street or on a long car trip. Do not be afraid to drop the egg from the height of the third floor or hit it on the floor: durable material will protect the toy from damage and keep the transformer intact for several years.

If the child suddenly gets bored or sad during the trip, please the kid with a funny transformer toy in the form of a favorite hero.

What are the benefits of transformer toys?

Playing with a transformer has a positive effect on the mood of the child, helps to distract from heavy thoughts, relieve stress and develop fine motor skills. During the game, the baby also improves visual perception, thinking and fantasy.

A funny egg with a toy will instantly fit into the interior of the children’s room, and your baby will want to play with the developing transformer every day.


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