To make your sleep at home as calm and comfortable as in a resort or in an expensive Hotel, it is enough to purchase high-quality bedding — crisp sheets, weightless blankets and, most importantly, fluffy pillows.

White color

Have you noticed that in good hotels often all bedding is used in white? This is not a coincidence — rather a rule. White color is an association of cleanliness and comfort, it is difficult to hide the slightest spots on it. Therefore, when you see clean white linens, you understand that this is direct evidence of the professionalism and attention of the hotel owners to your quality rest.

However, this was not always the case. Prior to the 1990s, hotels often used colored linens as they were much easier to care for. The American chain Westin Hotel & Resorts, which was the first to conduct a study and found out that white is the color that guests like the most, became a bedding design revolution. Such linen evokes a feeling of novelty and inspires confidence not only in the bed in the room, but in the entire hotel. (с)

Material properties

Pillows and blankets for hotels are mainly filled with modern synthetic holofiber material. It is a hollow fiber made of 100% polyester. Thanks to the helical structure of the fibres, holofiber-filled duvets and pillows are soft and resilient, and have the following noteworthy properties:

Quickly restore shape after crushing;
For many years of use, they retain their original shape and volume;
«Breathe», passing air well;
Washes well and dries quickly.

Let’s take a closer look at the example of our Pro Hotel Textile pillows

Holofiber 50×70 and 70×70

The filler has positively established itself and has been occupying the first positions in popularity for a long time. Holofiber has a good volume, quickly recovers, is elastic, light. Eliminates allergic reactions, not harmful to health. The pillows are washable and dry quickly. The only drawback of holofiber is that if it is not properly cared for, it can clump into lumps.

Our Holofiber 50×70 pillows are not high, pay attention to this before buying.

Artificial swan down 50×70 and 70×70

Natural swan down cannot be obtained (since it is an allergen), so manufacturers have found a very worthy replacement in the form of an artificial analogue, which is practically not inferior to goose down. The filler restores its shape in a short time, does not absorb odors, is hypoallergenic, has a long service life, is warm, and can be washed. Disadvantages: poor hygroscopicity and electrification.

Our pillows are Swan down 50×70 medium height, pay attention to this before buying.

We hope our information was useful for you, happy shopping

Team Pro Hotel Textile

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