How to choose a pillow for a child?


When choosing pillows for children, it is necessary to take into account not only the size of the head, neck, shoulders, but also pay attention to several more factors:

1. Shape
A rectangular pillow limits the child’s attempts to climb onto the pillow with the shoulders.

2. Filler
The best filler for the first pillows is hypoallergenic. We recommend opting for polyurethane foam. This filler provides uniform support for the head and neck throughout the baby’s sleep.☺️

3. Age of the child
Every age needs its own height! For different ages, you need to choose your own special pillow, so in the Cloud Factory you will find pillows for children from 1 year old (Classic baby, Ergo-slip), pillows for children from 3 years old (Ergo kids, Classic kids), pillows for children from 6 years old (Junior Classic, Sonnet). Remember that in this case, the pillow “for growth” will not work.


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