How to choose a hairpin for a little princess


Women know how hard it is to organize your wardrobe. Unfortunately, few people know how to do this from birth — the taste and sense of style need to be brought up for a long time. And it is better to start from childhood. It would be better if you help your little daughter deal with dresses and hairpins, teach her to choose what suits her. Moreover, most girls will like this science.

Accessories are the most difficult part of the image. They can make a simple outfit look sophisticated or ruin the most expensive and beautiful dress. Hairpins are the first accessories in a baby’s life.

bezel will help out if you need to dissolve beautiful hair. Children’s headbands are soft, and so that they do not injure the scalp, they are wrapped with tape. Often they have some kind of decoration. For example, it can be a neat bow to match the color of the rim. On special occasions or just when there is a mood to be a princess, a girl can choose headband with delicate tulle bowstudded with pearls, or black headband with real crown.

The theme of princesses and queens is always one of the most beloved, and the crown can be made not only from the headband. For example, using crocodile clip «Crown» with shiny and golden decoration. In this you can play a real queen at a matinee. There are also neat crown-shaped clips that can be pinned up on the sides of the hair.

clamps also come with bows. For example, a very elegant, but strict pearl bow, in which a scattering of pearl beads is sewn on a satin light milky fabric, is suitable for the most solemn occasions. A velvet dress and elegant shoes are just asking for such an ornament.

Bright bow with twisted spiral ribbons (for example, fuchsia) will complement a dress with frills and frills well and give the impression that you are in front of a real star of the ball.

Spiral ribbons can be not only on a bow with a clip. You can easily make your daughter two perky ponytails with multi-colored rubber bands «Spirals».

Hair bands — the most diverse category of hairpins. They are comfortable and allow you to quickly make a hairstyle. It is better if the gum itself is soft and does not spoil the hair. Most often, a bow acts as decoration, for example, a delicate pink tulle with pearls or white with shiny stars. A neat cream bow will suit any outfit and situation.

There are elastic bands made of fabric wrapped around an elastic base. Of course, for little girls, such a hairpin was made pink and airy.

There are also more intricate options — for example, multi-layered lilac «Ball» of tulle (find for a fairy costume) or bright «Flower» — a real coral rosette for girls with a bright character.

If you want something simpler and more convenient, perhaps your problems will be solved hair band with bowsoft and comfortable headbandwith her a child over 3 years old can do his own hair.

Every girl has a need to be beautiful and feminine. And hairpins are the easiest and most inexpensive way to please a little fashionista. You can choose them together with your daughter, or you can surprise her — after all, such a gift will never be superfluous.


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