How to choose a good down pillow without feeling it?


Why do you write that the fluff is NEW?

Because fluff can also be recycled. We collected OLD pillows from the population, treated the fluff and filled other pillows with them. The down in this pillow is NEW.

White or gray down?

There are few white geese, and because of this, their down is more expensive. Everyone wants white fluff, because its light fluffs do not shine through white fabric. A fluff of white fluff is slightly larger than gray fluff, and therefore less white fluff is required for the same volume. That is, if you take two identical pillows, the one with white fluff will weigh less. Therefore, white fluff has always cost and will cost more.

How do the weight and softness of a pillow affect each other?

Take a pillow 70×70 cm. Let it be of medium softness. If the fluff is cleaned very well, and the pillow is 90% down and 10% feather, then a pillow made of gray down will weigh 1000 grams, and white — 900 grams.

How to determine the quality of down without touching the pillow?

Now you don’t even have to feel the pillow to understand its quality!
You need to ask the seller three questions:
1) Is this pillow medium soft? — Yes.
2) Is it gray goose down? — Yes.
3) How much does she weigh?
More than 1 kg means that the pillow was not cleaned well, or there are more than 10% feathers in it.

How is down softness determined?

There is such a parameter as Fill Power.

To determine it, a certain amount of fluff is placed in the flask and crushed with a load. Then the load is removed and they watch how it is restored: did it recover to its original state or turned into a cake and remained lying at the bottom of the flask?

A good indicator is more than 500 (Fill Power +500). Too bad it doesn’t exist at all. For very expensive pillows, it sometimes reaches 850. As you understand, the price of down grows exponentially with an increase in Fill Power. The higher the indicator, the further the price flies into space. A pillow with Fill Power 850 can only weigh 400-500 grams. Can you imagine? She’s just weightless.

Therefore, we ask for a certificate for Fill Power and see what is written there.

Lagoda has it.

Again about weight. How is down washed?

If the fluff is poorly cleaned, then it will not only be heavier, but the particles of organic matter remaining in it will attract bugs and other living creatures.

Question: And how do they wash down?

Europe buys down from us, but requires that it be washed with their products. And not because their products are biodegradable and do not harm the environment. These products wash out almost the entire nutrient medium, not only for bugs, but also for microbes and other parasites. So we ask for a laboratory test certificate.

Lagoda has it.

Let’s summarize. What is the result?

A pillow 70x70cm of medium softness should weigh no more than 1 kg.

A pillow 50×70 cm of medium softness should weigh no more than 800 gr. It’s easy to remember.

If the pillow has a certificate and you know that the down is cleaned according to all the rules, but the pillow weighs more than 1 kg, then the ratio of down to feather will be less there.

So it is simply not to find cheaper «Lagoda» pillows with pure down Extra, which is perfectly restored.

Lagoda is what you need.


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