How to choose a gift for Father’s Day?


Father’s Day in Russia is celebrated on the third Sunday of June. This year it is June 20th.

Five helpful tips

1. When choosing a gift, think about the person you are choosing the gift for. What does he do in his free time? Does he like to spend time with friends? Does he have a favorite drink?

2. Ask leading questions. If a man likes any kind of drink, does he drink it chilled or not? What glass does he drink from? Is it an old faceted glass or an elegant designer glass?

3. A gift should bring joy and be unexpected. Therefore, you should start choosing a gift in advance so that the donee does not suspect that you are thinking and asking him what to give him.

4. Give a gift with love and emotion. Such gifts are always more pleasant to receive, as well as positive emotions in return.

5. The gift should be bought in advance. You should not delay and delay, it is until the last moment. In a hurry, you are unlikely to be able to choose the right, original and necessary gift.

A gift is good only if it is on time. There’s still a month until Father’s Day!


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