How to choose a dry pool for a child as a gift for development or entertainment


How to choose a dry pool for a child as a gift — for development or entertainment

Dry pools are for general or home use. In the common pools (usually large), a child can play in a special play area of ​​a shopping center, in a kindergarten or other entertainment and educational institution. And all the time, a dry pool can be at home: this is a fun game, child development and relaxation.

Home dry pools can be:
— inflatable (walls, and sometimes the entire pool with a bottom and a roof — completely inflatable)
— there are frameless (soft foam rubber) dry pools
— or dry pools with a light frame (light metal frame, light padded, light tape or corrugated frame made of different materials).
Inflatable pools are usually somewhat cheaper, airtight (water can be poured), easily folded (deflated / inflated), but lose a lot in durability, taking into account the properties of inflatable products.

Soft dry pools are the most convenient for home use, they create not only a joyful gaming atmosphere, but are also an element of modern interior and style.

Further in this article we will dwell in more detail on the characteristics of dry soft pools, and what you need to mean when buying a dry pool.

Dry Pool Materials

Firstly, dry pools differ in the materials from which they are made:
— mainly natural and mixed fabrics are used (cotton 100% or about 95% with the addition of elastic materials). The use of 100% cotton is rare, because. a pool made of such fabric after washing will be problematic to return to its original state due to shrinkage of the fabric.
— additives to cotton make the fabric stretchy — so that you can spread the cover on a soft frame even after washing.
— washable fabrics are also used (less easily soiled, brighter in patterns), but these are made from 100% polyester or materials of similar composition, i.e. their use inside the pool with the body of a child is a constant contact with synthetics. Such options also exist, but it is better to choose an option where at least there will be cotton fabric inside the pool.
— reinforced (not chafed) fabrics are used at the bottom of the pools.

Typically, the soft «frame» of a dry pool uses foam rubber of various densities or similar stuffing materials that can hold its shape.

Form and types of dry pool

Soft dry pools come in various shapes: round, rectangular, angular and similar simple geometric shapes. But inflatables can be of various shapes, with roofs.

Also, dry pools can be divided by type:
1. Foldable-mobile pool. Which is easy to clean, and you can even take it with you to the country house, to nature or to the beach and use it as a small play area or arena. Such dry pools absorb the benefits of inflatable
2. Stationary home dry pool — the most widely presented, can be a cool addition to the interior of the room.
3. Dry transforming pools — can be both a pool and a rug.

Dry pool dimensions

Of course, dry pools have different sizes: in diameter (less than 75 / 80cm / 90cm / 95 and more) and the main dimensions of the pool, the dimensions of the thickness and height of the pool wall, as well as the thickness of the bottom of the pool, differ.
We can also mention the differences in color performance: the variety of colors, design styles is huge.

Number of dry pool balls

The optimal amount depends on the size of the pool, the age of the child — its dimensions (height, weight), as well as the actual style of the child’s play: relaxation in the pool, a playful form of learning when playing together with parents, or an outburst of energy through fun or pampering, etc.
A child at 1 year old may be frightened of a large number of balls. We recommend starting with 150 balls. For older children, the recommended amount is more than 200-300 balls.

Additional elements of dry pools

It is also worth paying attention to additional elements:
∙ Pool and ball storage cases for easy storage.
∙ There are pools with a lid for balls — they can be closed, dust will not get there, and the balls will not scatter around the room when the child is pranking outside the game process.
∙ Equipped with game elements: a dry pool for a doll, stickers, etc.
∙ There are pools with a playing field: on the field you can attach educational elements with Velcro (letters, numbers, colors, shapes, animals), for example, equipped with a developing set of stickers, there are Fisher Price brand pools.
∙ There are also pools with favorite brands and heroes of kids: MiMiMishki, Barbie, Hot Wheels, Leo and Tig, Fantasy Patrol, etc.

Now you can choose several options for dry pools according to your parameters, given the right budget, make an excellent purchase that will surely please the child.


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