How to choose a dining table?


Dining table for the kitchen — this is a key place in every house where the family gathers, shares news and discusses plans for the future. Planned and unexpected guests gather at the dinner table, pleasant events are celebrated, delicious teas are brewed, philosophical conversations are held, and sometimes dumplings and manti are even molded.

Therefore, it is extremely important to choose a comfortable, practical and beautiful dining table, as well as place it in an optimal way, taking into account some nuances.

Choosing a place for the kitchen table

When deciding where to put the table, consider the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe kitchen, as well as the location of the working area. If the kitchen set is straight or located with the letter «G», then the most logical solution would be to place the table against the opposite wall. If the headset is located with the letter «P», then the best place is in the center of the room.

Between the table and surrounding objects there should be enough free space for movement — preferably about a meter. In this case, it will be comfortable to sit down and get up from the table. The minimum depth of the seat (the distance from the edge of the table to the nearest wall) is 75 cm. If a passage is provided behind the seat, then a minimum of 80-110 cm must be left on it.

Choice of table dimensions

As for the size of the table, experts have drawn up many detailed layouts and the number of seats, depending on the shape of the table. Here are the general rules. For one person, an average of 50 cm of table width is required (so as not to push with elbows) and 40 cm of depth. Plus, in the center it is desirable to leave a little space for common dishes and serving. For a family of 4-6 people, a table with dimensions of 120 * 90 cm is perfect (ideal).

The choice of model and shape of the dining table

The dining table should fit into the interior of the kitchen. If you do not have a design project, it is recommended to choose a table and chairs after the renovation in the kitchen is completed.

As for the shape of the dining table, the rectangular table is considered the standard and most compact in the minds of buyers. Such a table can be placed against the wall and reduce the space occupied by it, or pushed to the center of the room in case guests arrive to increase the number of seats. However, for a medium and small kitchen, experts and designers advise purchasing a round or oval table.

A round table in the minds of most of us is associated with something family and cozy, since it is round or oval tables that are shown in films and advertising as a unifying element for family meetings.

To save space and maximize convenience, you can choose a sliding table. In everyday life, it occupies a minimum of space, while on special days it is easily transformed, increasing the dining area. This is the perfect solution for a small kitchen.

Have a pleasant tea party with your family and friends at a comfortable table!


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