How to choose a chair for a child?


It has long been known that growing stool helps to develop independence in a young child. The baby learns to climb on it on its own, to sit comfortably, and after feeding — to get off. And what chair to choose? In the article we will analyze all the design features so that you can choose a high-quality, safe model for your children.

What are chairs for children

Material and size

Solid wood is the strongest and most durable material for a chair body. In this case, it will not work to make a chair from soft and cheap rocks, therefore, the cost of models from an array is often much higher than others.

Wooden chairs are justifiably expensive: they will last a long time for your children and grandchildren. But you can find good, not inferior in quality options from other materials, in other price categories.

Plywood is a multi-layer building material created by applying specially prepared veneer. To increase the strength of plywood, layers of veneer are superimposed so that the wood fibers of each sheet are perpendicular to the adjacent ones. The material is of medium strength, but depending on the grade and model, it may not be inferior to the array in terms of reliability and wear resistance.

Dining area — it is characterized by humidity and temperature changes, so low-quality plywood can swell, deform, delaminate, and the chair will quickly become unusable. However, varnish or paint will improve the protective properties of the material, if it is not bad in itself.

Plastic is the least durable material for a baby chair. Growing chairs made of plastic are unreliable, fragile and can only support a small weight. In the case of plastic, it is almost impossible to repeat the original model qualitatively. And if you change the methods of fastening, the chairs become bulky and difficult to change the position of the seat or back.

Due to excessive lightness, the child, swaying, may fall. With a model made of wood and high-quality plywood, there is no such danger: the center of gravity in any position of the crossbars will be quite low. Even trying to swing, the baby will move the chair, but will not tip over with it.


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