You cannot regularly be near your son or daughter, give him physical warmth and care. But always with him — his clothes. Knowing how sometimes the external environment is unfavorable, it is clothes that become something more than just a product made of fabric.

Therefore, it is important to think about what our children wear. This is especially true of everyday models that combine comfort and beauty. How do you really choose what your child will like and give you the confidence that you have given him the best of the many options?

Let us show you how just one IADAN sweatshirt can «tell» a child about your unconditional love for him:

— it is based on natural, breathable cotton canvas of the highest quality (singing) without fleece — he will feel this pleasant softness and lightness;

— always relevant straight cut and raglan sleeves — in it it will be convenient for him to actively move for a long time;

— elastic soft cuffs — they will never rub the delicate skin of the child;

— a hood with drawstring density adjustment — its ears will not freeze if the wind suddenly blows;

— a modern design with an original print, which is made by hand using the «heel» technique — it will please your child and will be appreciated by others;

— compatibility — boys can wear it with jeans, shorts, sweatpants, and girls can make fashionable looks with cycling shorts, leggings and even fluffy skirts or put on a casual dress.

You can see the colors and prints in the catalog, or better yet, offer to make a choice for the youngest fashionista. The child will appreciate that your opinion is important to him.

Children love when nothing prevents them from acting freely and looking bright. Each child is unique, and this sweatshirt will once again emphasize individuality, give self-confidence and remind of mother’s care.

Boys and girls will be grateful to you for adding a very beautiful detail to the wardrobe of a young fashionista. And you, choosing our production, will be calm. After all, IADAN pays maximum attention to the selection of material and the quality of tailoring each sweatshirt.

Yes, guys will wear this item a lot, so we made it durable enough to withstand frequent washing and use in different seasons. In order for it to serve you longer, and even be able to go further “by inheritance”, we recommend washing it in the gentle wash mode at 30 degrees.

With care for children and their comfort, IADAN

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