Is it possible to make a responsible, caring, calm and intelligent child out of a mischievous and lazy person? Yes! There is such a medicine. And it is called … an aquarium for two cockerels. No matter how strange it may sound, but he really can solve most of the problems that young parents face.

Aquarium for 2 cockerels: composition and «dosage» form

Aquarium for cockerels double — a glass box with a volume of 4.3 liters, divided by a removable partition into 2 parts. The partition allows you to keep two cockerels at once (it is written below why, under normal conditions, several cockerels cannot be in one container). However, it can also be removed — if only one cockerel lives in the house or other fish (guppies, neons, etc.) need to be introduced into the aquarium. The kit also comes with:

— aquarium soil;

— decorative artificial plant;

— LED lamp for illumination.

In addition, along with the aquarium, a Zen garden is placed on a wooden stand. This is a tabletop version of the popular Japanese garden, made of sand and rocks and featuring little or no greenery. Three pebbles and small rakes are added to the set for arranging the garden.

Indications for the use of an aquarium for children

Pet Requests 24/7

Even if the child promises to take care of a pet, very soon he will get tired of walking the dog 3 times a day or cleaning the cat’s hair every hour. But a fish is better, better than a dog. After all, cockerels:

— very beautiful in appearance;

— do not cause allergies;

— feel good in small vessels (volume from 500 ml);

— do not need aeration, as they breathe atmospheric air due to the presence of a special labyrinth organ;

— unpretentious in care (you only need to change the water once a week, and even then not all, but 25 — 30%).

Complete disregard for household chores

Constant care for a living being will instill in a child a love of nature, develop a sense of responsibility in him, and teach him to do homework. And he does it all in a playful way. What’s more, a two-cock aquarium with a divider keeps kids away from their gadgets.

hyperactivity and distraction

Numerous studies show that aquarium fish have a calming effect on the nervous system. Looking at the smooth movements of the cockerels, the child himself will calm down. The Zen stone garden also helps to relax and improve concentration. Drawing in the sand with a rake of ornate patterns and contemplating the cold beauty of the pebbles will help you gather your thoughts.

Poor academic performance

Lag in development or study is usually due to the inattention of the child. As discussed in the previous section, watching fish teaches you to focus on a specific activity. But the use of the aquarium is also in another way.

Caring for the underwater kingdom, the child deepens his knowledge of biology and chemistry. In addition, with just the sight of an aquarium, a little why-do-it-yourself will have many questions, and an inquisitive mind is always the first step on the path to genius. That is why it is recommended to buy an aquarium for cockerels with partitions in the classroom.

Lack of impressions

And now it’s time to reveal a terrible secret, why it is impossible to plant two cockerels in one vessel. Because they will fight. Necessarily. Also fatal.

But if you put fighting fish on opposite sides of a glass partition, they will not be able to solve the problem of their dislike by assault. But they will diligently brag, making funny movements and demonstrating their magnificent fins in full glory. Watching this baby (and adults) is very interesting.

Also, such a gift develops artistic taste in children. Decorating the aquarium with corals and figures of sunken ships, and the Zen garden with pebbles brought from a family trip, the child will learn to subtly feel the beauty in this world.

High susceptibility to disease

Water, evaporating from the aquarium, humidifies the air. But it is precisely the lack of humidity in the room that most often provokes colds, according to Dr. Komarovsky. In addition, the aquarium with a separator for males can be used in color therapy, which has a beneficial effect on all organ systems.

Fear of the Dark

The soft light of the LED lamp attached to the aquarium will save the little nyctophobe from night monsters. Since there is no aeration equipment in the aquarium, it works silently and does not interfere with sleep.

Conclusion. Buying an aquarium for two cockerels, you kill two birds with one stone: you give your child an interesting and educational gift, and you save the furniture in the house from active games of the kids. The aquarium for two cocks with a partition is made of durable glass, which is difficult to break. It is suitable for children of any age and will decorate the interior of the nursery.

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