How to brew coffee in Turkish


Turka and jeva are different names for one of the world’s oldest coffee brewing methods.

We are happy to share information on how to properly brew coffee in a Turk.

The drink prepared in this way has a high density and a significant strength.

Ideally, for Turks, it is recommended to use the finest grinding.

The ratio of coffee and water in a Turk is 1:10 (that is, 15 g of coffee is required for 150 ml of water).

Pour ground coffee into the Turk. Then pour cold water just below the place where the narrowing of the neck of the Turks begins, so that there is room for raising the foam, and mix well.

Put the Turk on the stove. When the temperature of the water approaches the moment of boiling, cream will begin to rise in the Turk — foam.

At this point, it is necessary to remove the Turk from the stove and immediately pour into cups.

The total brewing time should be 4-5 minutes.

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