When you want the space around you to be modern and comfortable, you should start with small things. This also applies to your home, cottage, car, your bag or backpack.

Even if you have done a wonderful renovation at home, but you cannot organize the space so that it is easy to clean, and small household utensils do not fit into your thoughtful interior and do not fit in closets, then it will be difficult to maintain order and comfort.

Therefore, things that can be compactly folded, easy to get and put away, easy to wash — this is always a great help for any housewife (and for the owner too). And in order to find them, sometimes you need to deviate a little from the usual stereotypes and pay attention to what new technologies offer us.

Now they began to make household items durable, bright in design, and, which is important to save space, foldable. There were more opportunities for this when they thought of making them from silicone. Silicone differs both in resistance to temperature difference, and in elasticity, and durability. In addition, it is easy to create things of any shape and color from it. Thanks to these properties, collapsible bottles, bowls, containers of various designs are obtained from it, and also more “large forms” are made from it, such as buckets for cleaning.

What are the advantages of silicone things:

they can solve the storage space issue. Things like a colander or a funnel for loose items are undoubtedly needed in the kitchen. When they can be folded like an accordion into a flat design and put away in a small kitchen drawer, they will not interfere with you and take up too much space.

This quality is even more relevant for larger items of utensils. Finding a place for a bucket in a small apartment is sometimes a non-trivial task. And often the hostess wants to have several of them for different needs. With a silicone bucket, there will be no such problems — neatly folded, it will wait in the wings in a secluded place. Yes, and it will be easy to wash it;

They are convenient to take with you. The same silicone bucket can be taken into a bag or thrown into the trunk when folded to be used not only at home, but also on vacation. You can do a little cleaning — wash the car or buy fruits and berries on the way. And there’s nothing to say about silicone bottles or food containers — they should be as compact as possible by default;

they are strong and light at the same time. For example, if you need a water bottle, then a thermos or glass container will be durable, but it will be difficult and inconvenient to carry them with you. An ordinary plastic refillable bottle is light, but cracks easily on it — just drop it. But the purchase of a silicone flask will solve both problems. By the way, hot drinks can also be poured into it;

they are cute. With the help of silicone things, you can solve not only everyday problems, but also design problems — the variety of colors and shapes makes it possible. For example, the same funnel for bulk substances can match the color of your textiles in the kitchen or lids on cans — such little things are pleasing to the eye and imperceptibly improve your mood;

they are economical. On the one hand, a silicone bucket or funnel will serve you for a very long time, but on the other hand, they are not very expensive and a boring thing can always be replaced with a new one without much damage to the budget.

Silicone household utensils are not such a big and serious purchase, but they can make your life much more convenient, and your home more spacious and cozy.

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