How cozy in your basket!

Where does housekeeping begin? That’s right, with convenient and functional storage. A stylish textile laundry basket, which is presented in our store in two colors and three sizes, will help you properly organize storage in your nest.

This versatile utility basket can not only be a place to store the necessary things, but also play the role of a table in the bathroom, where you can place a book, glasses, snacks and a few candles to give an atmosphere of comfort, privacy and relaxation.

Our basket for storage of linen, things, toys will suit the style of any design and fit into any interior of your home. The bamboo frame in combination with textiles looks very dignified against the background of ordinary plastic.

A detailed description of the dimensions and dimensions of the fabric universal basket can be found in the product cards of our NextHome brand store.

We will be glad to see you at the points of issue with our baskets. Thank you for your feedback and appreciation of our work for you!

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