In Russia, tea appeared in the 17th century and has since become one of the most commonly consumed drinks in the country. True connoisseurs of tea have more than one variety of their favorite drink for making it at home. Often this is all stored, somewhere on a shelf in the kitchen or in the living room in a chaotic manner.

In order for the process of tea drinking to bring not only physical, but also aesthetic pleasure, we offer to organize convenient storage of tea bags in the «Tea Houses»!

What is the advantage of such storage boxes?

Vertical storage of tea will save space and clean up the kitchen, and a beautiful design will please the eye and decorate the room.

What to look for when choosing a tea storage house?

  • On the size: narrow or wider.
  • Product material.
  • Functionality: is it convenient to get bags? Can I store additional items such as toothpicks?

Where and in what cases can it be used?

The tea house can be used as an organizer for storing not only tea, but also coffee bags or even sweets.

It is also a great gift option for loved ones, friends and colleagues for any occasion, just add a tea set or sweets.

We recommend that you get acquainted with a wide range of coasters for tea bags from Roza Vetrov! Tea houses are made of high quality MDF with color printing and are delivered assembled. It is very easy to get a bag out of such a box through a special hole at the bottom of the house or simply by removing the lid.

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