Often, babies from birth are very mobile and active. Of course, this is good, but you can not leave the kids alone for a long time, there is a possibility that the child may be injured due to the design of the crib. How to protect your baby? To help parents will be able to bumpers in the crib.

The sides are very important for the baby, because they provide safety and comfort for the child. The bumpers protect not only from falls and bruises, but also prevent the baby’s arms and legs from getting stuck.

In addition, the bumpers create a personal space around your crumbs, which means that the child feels cozy and secure. And in cool weather, the sides will protect the baby from drafts.

In addition to useful properties, the sides also have a decorative function. With their help, you will create coziness in the nursery.

Edge types

Now you can find many sides of different types, compositions and shapes.


The Rudiks cushion set comes with 12 pillows sewn in pairs to minimize gaps in the crib. Made from natural premium quality fabrics. Cotton on one side and natural linen on the other. The filler at the sides is holofiber. It is a material that does not cause allergies.

flat sides

Made from linen and decorated with ruffles. Doesn’t take up much space in a baby’s crib or bassinet.

What to look for when choosing?

  1. Textile. Choose skirts made from good quality natural fabrics. A filler can come out of a cheap fabric, which is unsafe for the baby.
  2. Filler. Give preference to artificial materials (holofiber, syntheticshar, etc.). They are hypoallergenic and do not absorb odors.
  3. Tapes for fastening. Choose sides with ties at four points — two at the bottom and two at the top. This will allow you to more securely fix the sides.
  4. The degree of padding and appearance. When choosing cushion pads, make sure they are tightly packed. Otherwise, such a product will not serve you for a long time.

And finally, an important recommendation. Never leave your children unattended!

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