The designer is a toy useful for the development of the baby. But sometimes parents don’t know what kind of construction set a child needs at a certain age: and usually they are either late with a toy, or they buy it too early, when the kid still doesn’t really understand how to assemble it. We decided to guide you a bit and selected the best options depending on the needs and developmental level of the child.

Kids series for the little ones

At the age of 3+ years, children need a construction set with great details. The main goal of the game with the designer is to develop the basic skills of the child. Therefore, choose models that are easy and simple to assemble. After all, the baby is unlikely to have the patience for something grandiose.

Junior series for older kids

For children aged 4+, building a game will help them learn how to solve various problems: how to assemble three-dimensional or flat structures, or, for example, symmetrical products. At this age, the details in the designer may be smaller, since the baby no longer wants to try them on the tooth.

Senior Pro Series

Children aged 5 to 8 years are beginning to be interested in constructors that are already more difficult to assemble: they can have many different parts, from which the child will make something voluminous and grandiose. At this age, games with the designer contribute to the development of basic design skills and imagination.

Series for girls

And I would like to say separately about the series of designers for girls: after all, it may also be interesting for little ones to collect something of their own, “girlish”. An excellent option would be designers for creating jewelry and other devices for girls. The main thing is that no threads are needed for this, since the designer’s parts have special fasteners and are easily connected to each other. This construction set not only trains fine motor skills, but also develops the imagination and sense of taste in young fashion lovers. After all, every time you can collect a completely new unique product.

Miss Beauty Fix-plate
Miss Beauty Fix-plate

After the baby has a designer, be sure to help him figure out what’s what: study the details, attachment methods and instructions together. And when you realize that the child is already doing just fine without you, then give him the opportunity to figure out what to turn the colorful elements into.

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