A pet, like its owner, should have its own place in the house.


Why does a dog or cat need its own bed?

In fact, many people really ask this question. It seems to us that animals are unpretentious, can sleep anywhere, and do not need comfort. In fact, this is not so and is a common mistake in human understanding of domestic animals. Dogs and cats also love coziness and comfort (just look at how they choose their place and how they go to bed), and just like us, they need their own place to rest.

By purchasing a bed for a dog or cat, the pet has its own place of rest and comfort, where they can feel safe and, yes, take a break from us for a while.

It is also important that the purchase of a pet bed is also necessary for you. In the sense that in this way you accustom your pet to order and discipline, therefore it is better to take care of buying a bed in advance. Thus, you will allocate a personal territory to your pet, and he will not master sofas, armchairs and bed for himself. After a walk or a meal, he will always know where to go to rest.

What questions do we ask ourselves when choosing a bed for animals?

First of all, it is important for us that the couch lasts as long as possible. Therefore, before making the animal beds that you see in this article, our team carefully selected the materials on the market. We opted for Twill material. Of course, this is not a cheap material, which affects the final cost of the bed, but the beauty and properties of this material are worth it.

Twill is one of the most practical materials, wear-resistant and durable, which distinguishes it from other materials, while being pleasant to the touch, and the soft texture will allow both dogs and cats to relieve any anxiety, come in comfort and experience a truly healthy sleep. in the couch. High breathability and dust resistance. Allowing air to pass through, the canvas keeps dirt on the outside. Twill is not subject to deformation. Does not deform: does not wrinkle, does not break, does not stretch or shrink. Sun resistant, does not fade. Not susceptible to fungus and moths. Able to dry quickly and easy to care for. And of course, this is external attractiveness and accuracy.

The padding of the dog and cat bed is also an important factor. We use the highest grade synthetic ball in our beds. Syntheshar is a unique filler consisting of fine polyester fibers. It is obtained by combing, as a result of combing, a material is formed that looks like natural fluff. Lightness, softness, elasticity, volume, warmth, environmental friendliness, hypoallergenicity, resistance to washing and dry cleaning, such qualities have a synthetic filler. Our beds for dogs and cats with synthetic filler will help pets relieve tension in the joints and muscles and experience a truly healthy sleep.

You can wash products that have a synteshar both manually and in a typewriter. In the machine, set the delicate mode, the temperature should not exceed 40 degrees. Even drying and spinning in the washing machine is allowed. Syntheshar is not subject to destruction and has a long service life.

What else is important for us when choosing beds for pets?

How the bed will look in the interior of the home. We also carefully chose the colors of our beds. Beds are made in gray and beige. These are calm and pleasant colors that will allow you to use animal beds in any interiors. Gray color is harmony, calmness and stability. Beige — soothes, carries a quiet, warm and calm energy. The chosen colors are the colors of natural landscapes and wildlife, they are associated with a natural, simple, natural state. Such natural colors in the interior eliminate aggression and relax. They are not warm and not cold, while the atmosphere is soft and gentle.

As a result, we have: along the entire circumference of the couch, there is a white edging with weaving, which gives a special accent to the couch. The selected color scheme and minimalist design of the animal bed will allow it to be used in any interior. The sides around the bed will provide the pet with support for the head and neck, and the elastic filling will relieve fatigue in the joints and muscles of the pet.

Make a wonderful gift for your favorite four-legged friends, in the form of presented beds for animals, the pet will be delighted!


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