Wish Map, Wish Map everyone around is talking about it so much! Esotericists and psychologists claim that with the help of the work of the subconscious, we can attract any desires into our lives. In addition, by placing pictures on the visualization board, we kind of set ourselves goals and directions where we want to move.

And indeed it is. Every year we find more and more evidence that our subconscious mind can work miracles. If we look at certain pictures every day, visualize the fulfillment of a particular desire, then after a while we observe how circumstances adjust to us. Actually the map of desires and allows you to do this.

We place pictures with our desires, hang the Wish Card in a prominent place, look at it every day and attract what we want. But is everything so simple? Can you paste an image of a photo of expensive cars, real estate, travel and all this is easy to fulfill? The answer to this question will not be unambiguous, for the reason that many factors influence the fulfillment of our desires. You can stick pictures and not believe that these wishes will come true. Or stick on and just wait, without taking any action on the way to what you want. But this is far from the most important. There are internal reasons that prevent desires from being fulfilled. In addition, it is important to follow the correct sequence of drawing up a wish map. All this is described in detail in the set for the Wish Card.

In this article you will find a brief guide to creating a Wish Map. But if you want to understand this tool in more detail, study all the nuances and make your ideal wish card, then we recommend paying attention to the ready-made set, which already includes a book, a set of pictures, a canvas for filling, glue, scissors, a pen, a blank for the list desires, tick stickers with which you will mark fulfilled desires and as a gift a recording of a detailed author’s master class on creating a Wish Map. You simply will not have the opportunity to make a mistake, you will find answers to all important questions when creating a wish map.

So the first thing you need to start compiling a wish map is to write a wish list by sector: wealth, fame and achievements, love, children, hobbies and creativity, travel and helpers, knowledge, career, family and comfort, health. For each sector, try to write 7-10 wishes. It is desirable that each sector has approximately the same number of desires, without a strong bias.

Next, you need to pay attention to the search for images. This is the longest process. After all, you will look for pictures that personify your desires. But in this you can be a good helper our author’s set, which has already collected more than 600 pictures. You just find what suits your needs.

The size of the pictures should be approximately the same. The image can be symbolic, the most important thing is that when you see the picture, you have an association with your desires. So the subconscious will pave the way for your dreams.

Next, we take whatman paper or A2 / A3 paper and draw it into 9 equal parts (sectors). The ready-made set already has a ready-made colored canvas. If you wish, you can color and label the sectors (an example of shades and the location of the sectors can be found in any search engine).

Then you can start filling out the wish card and transferring pictures. Start from the central part, by placing your photo, which we place in the very center of the wish card (in the health sector). And then fill in the rest of the sectors.

When all sectors are filled, you need to come up with a «Desire-activator». It should be a small wish that you can easily fulfill within 1-7 days. For example: pedicure, manicure, going to the cinema, etc. With the help of such a starting desire, you will start the entire process of the Wish Map.

Of course, it is very difficult to fit all the details and secrets of this tool in one article, therefore, if you do not want to miss important information, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the wish card set.

Another important aspect that should not be forgotten is the time to create a Wish Map. The most important thing is to do it during the growing moon.

Fill your wish card with faith in fulfillment.

Dream on and everything will come true!

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