Vacuum storage bags — how to use?

Vacuum bags are a convenient way to store items that take up extra space in your home. In developed countries, this tool has been used for quite some time; Recently, this trend has moved to our customer. Vacuum storage soon won people’s love. Many of us lack space in the apartment, and packages like this solve the problem with ease.

Vacuum bags for clothes.

Clothing is something that a person often has in abundance. Over the years, a lot of wardrobe items accumulate. Especially a lot of space is occupied by outerwear — jackets, down jackets and others. It is reasonable enough to compactly pack the unnecessary and bulky, but ordinary polyethylene will not be a salvation in this situation.

The vacuum bag is the bag itself and the valve through which air is pumped out by means of a pump. Using them is quite simple, you just need to follow a few rules:

  1. Pack only clean and dry clothes so as not to damage the suction equipment.

  2. If the fabric is decorated with metal structures, turn the item inside out to prevent damage.

  3. Stow things inside the bag neatly. Control the air removal process; too much vacuum can ruin the look of the garment.


Vacuum bags with a valve are one of the most convenient ways to effectively plan your home space. This method of storage has practically no disadvantages and is not expensive.

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