Soy, coconut, palm and paraffin. What should be the wax in the candle to have a rich aroma?

🕯 Soy, coconut and palm are vegetable waxes, they do not contain petrochemicals.

They perfectly give aroma and this is their main advantage. These waxes differ in melting point and color and delicate smell.

🌴Palm wax is hard and dry, perfect for mixing with soy wax and making molded candles.

Soy wax is stronger than coconut wax, which means it burns longer. It has a slightly milky aroma in its pure form. Universal and most common wax!

🥥Coconut wax is soft, melting point is low and can sometimes even melt from hot temperatures in summer. It has a snow-white appearance and a light coconut aroma in its pure form. Suitable for massage candles and container candles.

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