The skin of a child needs special care — it is not as dense as that of adults, it is easily damaged and practically defenseless against infections. Her care should be appropriate: gentle cleansing, gentle movements and a number of rules that many people forget about.

Peculiarities of baby skin care

To begin with, let’s figure out how children’s skin differs from ours with you:

Babies only have 3 layers when we have 5. The coating is thinner: basal, spiny and horny, the rest are formed with age.

There is no strong connection between the dermis and the epidermis — the skin is weak and prone to inflammation, allergies and reacts seriously to any irritation.

A thin lipid layer, due to which the skin quickly absorbs moisture. You can notice this while swimming — the feet and palms instantly become covered with «wrinkles».

The skin of babies, like ours, needs to be cleansed, moisturized and protected. But how to adapt all this for delicate babies? Consider below.

Bathing and moisturizing

The child can be bathed from the first day of staying at home, but it is advisable not to part with baths. 2-3 times a week would be ideal. If you wash your baby more often, the skin will begin to dry and peel off.

Try to schedule a bath before or after feeding your baby — with a margin of about half an hour. Also carefully monitor the water temperature — 36-37C will do. The kid will not be capricious because of hot water, but he will not freeze either. Do not forget to close the ears with cotton wool, or be sure to clean them after water procedures.

Don’t overdo your bathing products. The baby should be washed with cleansing cosmetics no more than 2 times a week, while choosing special products marked «From the first days of life» — they will not cause irritation and have a hypoallergenic composition.

Does the child have dryness or tightness after bathing? Purchase a moisturizing lotion, but be sure to test it before use. Apply the product to a tiny area of ​​skin and see if there is any negative reaction after 30 minutes.

Autumn is a time of drafts, and until the heating is turned on, do not forget to put a hat on your baby so as not to catch a cold.

If you do not bathe the child in a separate bath, then a large bath should be washed without chemicals and detergents — a washcloth and water will become your faithful helpers.

Choice of diapers and accessories

For comfortable hygiene of the child, it is necessary to change diapers regularly. Experts recommend choosing models with comfortable elastic bands and a curved shape — they will not squeeze the skin and cause inconvenience to the baby. Pay attention to the absorbent properties of the diaper — the higher the indicators, the lower the likelihood of irritation. Of the favorites of modern mothers, Japanese diapers stand out especially. MOONY. In addition to the standard benefits, they are made from hypoallergenic materials, which minimizes the risks and provides peace of mind for moms. By the way, the models have a convenient filling indicator that will help you change the diaper in time and not cause discomfort to the baby.

As an additional care, you can choose wet wipes and a special cream that is applied under the diaper. Napkins are convenient to take with you and clean your baby’s skin on a walk or on the road. The cream will create a protective barrier for the skin, which will cope with damage.

Pay attention to the composition of wipes — for children, options with a soft base and without aggressive surfactants are suitable. Herbal extracts, oils and minerals can all be in the formula and will be an advantage.

The composition of the cream should contain drying and protective ingredients that will provide reliable protection and reduce the effects of irritating substances. All funds must be marked «From the first days of life.»

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